Saturday, 6 March 2010

More riding & Ted's 1st Solo ride

So far, this week has been another good week for mileage. I'd booked some time off work on Mikey's day off, so we planned to take a long ride out somewhere new. The plan was also to achieve a greater mileage; to take me past my comfort zone. (I am currently riding about 10-13 miles each ride so it was decided that Wednesday was the day to increase it.)

The sun was shining and there were very few clouds in sky so it looked perfect. I was eager, but no sooner as we turned the first corner to head up the first hill, we pretty much came to a halt. The wind was horrific! Argggh! The strong cold wind took all my breath away and my airways shrunk to practically nothing. Grrr! We hadn't even done a mile I couldn't give up! The only thing kept me going was sheer stubbornness. A quick change of plans... we'd stay local, as this weather could have serious implications on my asthma and I didn't want to be too far from home if the worst happened. Amazingly, we still managed 11miles. I'm really not sure how I managed to keep going as it was painful from start to finish, but I was pleased with what I achieved.

Thursday was an unplanned rest day. I'd planned to go riding after work, but I was too exhausted (that's the trouble with doing a full time job in part-time hours!). Ahhh well, there was always Friday, but when Friday rolled around, another stressful morning at work left me unmotivated. Sheer stubbornness again kicked in though, as I knew that I had to get out there. I needed to do my mileage plus I get really "twitchy" in the evenings, if I've not been out riding. So I got home and changed from uniform into my bike stuff.

I was unenthusiastic though. Obviously, I wanted to ride Ted, but I still hadn't done any rides on him without Mikey or my Mum for company, and I still feel slightly vulnerable riding him. Grrr... I wanted to ride Ted, but he doesn't have a computer so I wouldn't know how much I had done. Argh! Apathy started to set in again, but I then I hatched a plan! I would ride to meet Mikey from work, that way I would be able to accurately estimate my mileage.

The plan was confirmed with Mikey and I tried to push aside any doubts I had about riding alone down through Marazion, which is a narrow and notoriously busy stretch of road, where the traffic is bonkers and the pedestrians/tourists are even worse. Phewph! Somehow I made it! Now I had 3miles of bumpy coastal path to ride down. oooOOooo... where were my big knobbly tires when I needed them? Ouch! Suspension forks would have been a godsend here. Thank goodness, I had temporarily ruined Ted's lovely lines by adding a bell, as the sun had bought out the masses and at times it felt like a slalom.

I got to town quicker than expected so had 20 mins to kill so I decided to carry on up to the bike shop. Eek! The quietest way was up the a steep cobbled causeway/slipway. Ouch! Halfway up (and for the first time ever) I had to get off and push.

(Photo is deceptive... it IS very steep!)

I got to the shop to be greeted by a welcoming committee who were discussing stocking some bottom of the range Claude Butlers. The boss asked me my opinion, I frantically looked to Mikey for help.... Argh... what could I say? I attempted to say "oohh yeah, they look nice", but I am a rubbish liar and they all knew I was just trying to be polite. Thankfully, they soon realised the error of their ways when it was pointed out that someone who had just ridden in on a Yeti, would not see any appeal in a cheap budget bike. LOL!

Anyway, the ride home was great (although a tad scary descending that nasty cobbled hill/causeway)! We got home before dusk (which was good as I had no lights) and I was tired but chuffed. Yay! ... I had successfully done my first solo ride on Ted. Wooopeee! ... I had managed to get up that soddin' hill through Marazion - without having to stop to catch my breath.

Things were good!

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Red Bike said...

I still get in a mess on cobbles with big fat tyres. I never did get the hang of a CX bike. Good fun though!