Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Target exceeded - against all odds!

Woooppppeeee! I am chuffed to say that I have actually managed to exceed my monthly target despite having to take a week off the bike after the nasty tooth operation that left me in excruciating pain. As most of you know, my target is currently 100miles a month. (Which, I will officially increase soon, because since December, I have been achieving 130-150 miles a month anyway.)

This month I have done just short of 120, which I am very happy about considering I had to take a week off.  Also, after a few calculations, I discovered that I have done 400miles in the last 3 months - which is a total of 100miles OVER my target so I am doubly happy. (This time last year I was a complete slob, but at this rate I will be able to call myself a cyclist soon)

In Ted related news. I have now got a shiny set of multi-release cleats attached to my shoes.  Unfortunately despite a successful trial on the turbo trainer, I am still yet to ride with them, as Mikey has been unavailable to ride with and I cant pluck up the courage to go out by myself for the first attempt.  (If I'm gonna make a complete fool of myself I would rather have company to help me laugh it off).... Stay posted to see how my first adventure with Spudley's goes. =D

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