Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A mini CX adventure.

Today, was the first day of our short holiday from work. So we knew we just had to take advantage of it and planned a fun and longer ride than usual. Also with my impending (dental) surgery - on Friday - I really needed to get some mileage in and do a big blow out ride whilst I still could. (I doubt with the loss of all four wisdom teeth I will feel in the mood or free-from-pain-enough to ride in the next few days.)

So, as I was still yet to do any "real" off-roading on Ted and as Mikey is now also the proud owner of a new CX stead it was time for a real adventure, it was time to do some off road miles.

Our adventure started after a short drive to Portreath's LBS - The Bike Barn - and a natter with the very nice staff. One of whom, seemed genuinely very impressed and slightly envious of my bike (and coincidentally has a girlf called Kate who has a Yeti too).

Anyway, we left the car in their car park and then set off on our mini adventure. We haven't done this route since last early October and that was on MTBs at a much slower pace riding with my auntie and uncle, so I was excited to see what I could do on the lovely Yeti and Mullerton was looking forward to thrashing around on his Trek.

Admittedly, the route we picked was a fairly flat route but it was perfect for me to practice riding on skinner tyres over lumpy bumpy and loose rocky trails, without suspension to ease the strain. Thankfully, the tracks were dusty and quiet which made for a perfect ride and we made short work of the 9miles, along the old tramways and through quarries to the south coast at Devoran.

It was an interesting ride, we rode past all sorts of sights, gigantic pigs, hairy cows, ostriches (?), mini horses, monstrous cockerels and loads of interesting birds. It was ace! ;)

Once in Devoran, it was time for lunch. The sun was now toasty warm - there wasn't a cloud in the clear blue sky. Our first stop was at the waters edge to watch the world go by and eat our cheese and pickle butties and a Tunnocks biscuit. We then migrated to the local pub beer garden to eat some cheesy chips and sample the local ale. It felt like a warm summers day. After half an hour sitting enjoying the warm sunshine and peacefulness of the quaint village we headed back.

Sadly, the wind had picked up making our ride back a little harder, especially as we both now had full bellies, but again we made pretty short work of it and we were soon back at the car. I couldn't believe how quickly we had completed the full ride and how easy I had found it...
... I must be getting fitter! =D


Simon said...

Sounds wonderful :)

Good luck on Friday.

Red Bike said...

That really does sound wonderfull, well perhaps not the hairy cows bit, but the rest of it does.