This blog is about my rediscovery of a love for bicycles.

I've always had a love for bicycles and in my childhood I spent hours admiring my best friends Raleigh Burner - as it seemed much cooler than my folding brown shopper! (Well, what wouldn't?

I rode a lot until high school but it wasn't until college that I started properly riding again, using it to get to and from friends, getting to work placements and even making the long commute up to Marple college.  Back then, I rode a cute green AlpineStars MTB. It was my main mode of transport and it was used both on and off the road. Unfortunately, I then moved away to University and things changed as I didn't find any cycling buddies.  Sadly, this meant I stopped riding and my trusty bike started gathering dust whilst my sweet-tooth helped me grow a few dress sizes.  I quickly become unfit!

Through the years I have made numerous attempts to get back into the saddle, but unfortunately, I lacked the fitness and motivation to keep it up for longer than a few weeks.

Sometime in 2004, I swapped my AlpineStars for a lovely Kona CinderCone and having a new bike inspired me to ride more. Unfortunately, it didn't last long as back then, we lived in a not so tranquil area of Stretford and I was worried about the hoardes of youths/scallies.  Consequently, my riding was limited to only riding with Mikey, that is, if we were lucky enough to share the same day off! The novelty of having a new bike soon wore off and I was soon back in front of the TV.

Thankfully, this time I am more determined! ... I really NEED to get some sort of fitness back. My lungs are rubbish! (The slightest of colds quickly turns into a chest infection. I even suffered with pneumonia in Spring 2008.)

As we now we live in sleepy Cornwall, I feel more confident riding my bike out and about alone, so I have no more excuses.

My initial target is to do 100miles (or more) a month. I intend to raise my goal at some point but for now, as a novice again and with my rubbish fitness levels and even rubbisher asthmatic lungs this target is realistic.

By blogging here and logging my progress I have an extra incentive. I can set myself goals, record any stats and have a place to share any pics and my ramblings.

... Stay posted for my progress and any changes in my goals.