Sunday, 2 December 2012

A new goal following a pathetic November

Thank you all for the positive thoughts at the start of he month. It is really was nice to have your support and encouragement.

Sadly though, my knees and the weather have continued hindering my mileage.  In fact, last month I actually had three weeks with no running and very little cycling.  For the first couple of weeks in November I only managed to muster up one short ride per week.  Nothing amazing - a 10 mile gentle pootle with Mother the first week and a 11 mile turbo session the following week, as the weather was just too plain miserable to go out. 

The next week I didn't manage a ride at all.  Life just got in the way, what with the VeloCake Cyclocross Race taking up my weekend.  Sadly, no, due to commitments of having to work that event I didn't enter it myself - and by the time I had finished my duties at the registration (giving race licences back etc) - the course had been dismantled and everyone was waiting to lock the gates.  Ah well, it really was a fab event - even if I didn't get to take Ted out for a play.