Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hello Stranger...

Ooops, It really has been a while since I came on here... but a few of you have been emailing to check I am OK.

The short answer is Yes Thank You.  I am doing grand. =D

The long answer is Aye. Great! I have been pretty busy lately trying to get fit again. Too busy to spend much time on the world wide web.  The good news is that it is paying off.....

I have been using My Fitness Pal as my motivation, as I know once I start to loose weight then I will be able to regain some Bike Fitness, which will help me be able to get back out and ride through all these bitter winds.

When starting with My Fitness Pal, I realised just how bad my diet could be.  I have never been one for eating a lot of fruit, but my diet was generally OK, a healthy breakfast and a homemade evening meal, full of veggies etc.  My main problem areas were lunchtimes at work and the evenings that we had the "easier" meal options.

At work I would just grab a jam sandwich until I got home, then I would maybe make another sandwich or some toast. It was just too much bread!  The second problem would be the nights neither of us wanted to cook, so out would come the simple options, like fajitas, enchiladas, pasta-bakes etc.... I was flabbergasted by the calorific values.  If I was still exercising regularly I know these would be absolutely fine as we fill them full of veggies and protein.... but as it was, I just wasn't using as much as I was putting in.

Anyway, by the end of February I had lost half a stone due to watching my calorie intake.  I don't see it as being on a diet.  I am just eating more sensible sized portions and watching my snacking habits and I am definitely not depriving myself of my favourite treats.  If I don't have enough calories left to eat a treat I will go out and earn them, either through a ride, walk or a run - or failing that just save it for the following day when I may have used more calories.

By the end of March another half a stone had come off and it is definitely more noticeable how fitter I am. I am still far from where I was this time last year (or anywhere near my target weight) but I am doing things realistically and sensibly and once Spring has finally sprung I think it will be much easier to shed the final few pounds when I can get out and do longer rides.

In general I am now doing about 2-3 rides a week and 2-3 runs a week with maybe one or two walks thrown in for good measure, so I am definitely moving more than I had been for a while.

Sadly though, very few of these rides have been outside, due to the abysmal weather and continued strong winds but I am getting some good Turbo sessions in, which are really doing my stamina good as I am trying to maintain a good cadence throughout and build strength in my legs and lungs. Can't wait to get out there on a warm sunny day and see all my good work pay off. =D

So that was my news.... I apologise for neglecting this blog or keeping up with everyone elses.  Hope you are all well.


Mullerton said...

Woot woot, go you. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

REALLY glad to see you back,my friend :)

The DC (or the SS as it were :p )

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Glad to hear you're well x report back when that sunny day arrives and your Qom on everything with your new found fitness