Tuesday, 23 March 2010

100% all mine!

YAY! Ted is now 100% all mine!

As you may have read at the end of the last post, a shiny new pair of Easton wheels are now mine and on Thursday night after a quick fettle, Ted was re-ready to roll and I could return the "borrowed" wheels to their rightful owner! (LOL! I didn't like them anyway as their red nipples clashed with the turquoise!) ;-)

Surprisingly, a new pair of carbon cross forks also arrived last week. As Mikey had ordered them without consulting with me, I had thought they were for him - to replace the ones I had stolen, but apparently he had bought them so he could have his original ones back. I was a little disappointed as I had gotten used to them, but now the new ones are on and so Ted is 100% mine
Woopeee!... No more loans!

Yay! So now he is practically complete and practically my dream machine. I say "practically" as he currently has some ugly cheap plastic pedals that were found lying around (probably discarded at the bottom of a bin). Unfortunately, I just can't find any decent (road specific) flats. There are some out there, but they cost more than I am willing to pay and as I still intend (one day) to graduate to "grown-up pedals", I don't want to spend too much. So then I keep thinking, as I am unable to find flats, should I just bite the bullet and go for Spuds now? I've been "umming and arring" for ages. I know that I should just do it! The amount of times I have made the decision to just go for it but then suddenly another obstacle pops into my head, for example, I have limited movement in my left ankle, so would I be able to disengage? I'm also not psychologically ready for them... even though I know they will improve my riding.

So then it's back to getting half decent flats... but there aren't any affordable ones. So should I just get SPDs now? Instead of waiting until I am a more confident rider.... but there are numerous (psychological and physical) obstacles in my way... so it's back to flats.... then clipless and so on it goes. I just keep going round in circles.

What should a girl do? I'm in such a quandary!


Red Bike said...

Go for the Shimano M520 spd pedals. They come in white and black as well as silver. SJS used to have the silver version in at about £15 but I think they're £20 at most places now. Cheap, chearfull and they work.

They will take a bit of getting used to; but I doubt you'll be switching back in a hurry. I can't ride without being clipped in anymore.

KatieCake said...

Thank you for your advice. =D

I will definately have to get some SPD's now as a friend came round and laughed at Ted's current pedals - so I really must get grown up pedals ASAP as he cant be the laughing stock!

Will prob just buy myself some multi-release cleats for now and then "borrow" some pedals off Mikey to see how well I cope, before blowing all my money.