Monday, 15 March 2010

Likely to fail....

I'm not looking forward to the next few weeks as I'm likely to fail my weekly mileage targets.

Stupidly, last week was supposed to be a good week - a week of riding - as we had both booked some annual leave, but unfortunately I then found out that I had an appointment for the extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth on the Friday. Ouch!

I wasn't best pleased about the prospect of this, as I haven't had any sort of surgery since being a small child and I was a little nervous of having a general anaesthetic - particularly after Mullerton's bad reaction to it last year. Ah well, whats the worst that could happen....

(Ironically, the only other surgery I have ever had is the extraction of some of my milk teeth as a small child. "I should be used to it then", I hear you all cry.... but this didn't ease my anxiety as during this op the surgeons had removed the wrong teeth. EEK!)

By Friday I was a bag of nerves. We got to Penzance hospital and after meeting my surgeon I started to get slightly more anxious as he stated that they would only be removing two of my wisdom teeth - as he didn't fancy his chances at being able to remove all four without causing any nerve damage. I was a tad frustrated though, as I felt it would have been better to do them all now to get it over with; as after one surgery I just know that I wont go back again for more.... EVER! Plus, it seemed silly only doing the two - as the ones he planned on removing were on opposite sides so I was going to have pain on both sides and be unable to eat anyway.

Eek! It was soon time to gown up (I was first on the list) and before I knew it I was waking up post-op! I woke a tad confused as I hadn't realised that the meds that had been administered whilst we discussed the merits of my local village pubs, had been the general anaesthetic - I thought they were pre-op pain relief - so when I next opened my eyes again and found myself in a different room with a different face looking down at me and a big glaring spotlight over me - I thought I had woken during the procedure. Thankfully, I quickly realised it was over.

Woooppppeeee! If I hadn't been feeling so groggy I would have jumped for joy. I'd made it! Phase One was complete!

Some would say that I had made it through the worst, but I knew that once the drugs started wearing off a new nightmare would start. Ouch! I wasn't wrong. The pain was excruciating and despite a previous intolerance to Codeine I knew it was my only option as the Paracetamol weren't working. Since then things have been a little easier - possibly due to the fact that I feel constantly drunk!

Unfortunately, I am still unable to open my mouth much. Talking is painful but much to everyone's dismay I can still manage to moan and groan. The biggest problem is that I am unable to eat anything solid. I can bearly open my jaw enough to fit anything in (to give you an idea of how little I can open my mouth, it hurts attempting to put half a Malteaser in) , so it's soft or pureed food for me.

I have even had to take today and tomorrow off work as I dont think it would be responisble of me to drive to and from patients houses, whilst under the influence of pain meds and it wouldn't be very fair on my patients, if I turned up unable to speak and looking like the elephant man! (My face is more swollen than I could ever have imagined!)

Ah well, I just hope I will be back on my bike sometime soon. *BIG sigh*


Simon said...

Get well soon!

John Berry said...

I had all my wisdom (teeth) removed years ago......I feel your pain!

Never mind it will soon be better and you can do endless miles in the sun :-)

Red Bike said...

I really HATE the dentists. I don't mind the drill, I don't even mind the pain. Its somewhat irronically the anesthetic that I can't stand.

Theres just something about anesthetic that sends me into a groggy panic.

I would be climbing the walls if I knew I would be having a General.

KatieCake said...

@Simon - Thanks for your well wishes. :)

@John Berry - Thanks :-) The weather has been glorious since Saturday, so I am already feeling frustrated about being unable to go out and ride. Guess, I will have to wait though as I'm still really weak and can hardly walk, nevermind ride. :-( Not sure I will ever be able to do endless miles though;-)

@Red Bike - I know what you mean - I hate local anaesthetics. I've had a few in the past (one accidentally when I stabbed a full syringe into my own thumb) and they tend to make me feel queasy as I hate the constant pins and needles feeling as it wears off. I have to say though, that the general was much nicer as it was (obviously) reversed after the proceddure, and I didn't feel any odd side effects. I much preferred it to the local...