Thursday, 18 March 2010

The ride of horses (on foot)

As I have had a rubbish week of feeling very sore then very weak (due to copious amounts of painkillers that don't agree with me and lack of real "solid" food) we were unable to go out on the traditional Wednesday Bike Ride. So instead, we decided to venture out on foot and enjoy some fresh air and amble around our usual riding haunt; the "Ride of Horses" with a pocket full of carrots. (The route name is due to the fact that we pass dozens of horses along our way and as the "simple soul" that I am, I just have to call out "Hello Horses" to all those we pass.)

Anyway, as I am really bored of daytime TV and as nothing else exciting has happened in the last 5 days, I thought I'd bore anyone silly enough to read this entire entry with a run down of some of my fave local horses.

First up and just around the corner from home are Bugsy and Ginger. Bugsy is a normal sized horse and Ginger is some sort of miniature pony. They are a cute pair who are inseparable. They also share their paddock with two comical goats; Rosie and Horlicks. Whenever we pass them they rarely fail in making us smile, but due to hedging and fences we are rarely able to give them a pat/tickle.

In the next field over is one of my fave horses, Donald. Donald is a stunning and friendly horse with beautiful hairy feet (I think that horsey people would call it feathering, I just think he has "shire horse feet.") Last time we went by his field he cantered across his field for a tickle and practically knocked me off my feet, but yesterday he had his nose firmly stuck in his hay bag. :-( Around a few corners and we went past two little horses (unfortunately there is no way to reach them to give them a tickle, so as usual I just shouted "hello little horses" and we continued).

On the opposite side of the road from the little horses lives Kelly. Kelly always looks a little miserable - I think she wants a companion. Anyway, after a few tickles and some tasty carrot she perked up. :-)

A little further up and onto the next field, where there is usually another pair of horses - but they must have gone for a ride or be having a very early night. *Sigh* They always looked very interested when we ride by so I thought it would have been nice to say hello properly. Ah well, maybe next time....


A few feet on and it was time for the main attraction. Winnie/Winston! Winnie is another of my faves. He always winnys when we go past - hence our nickname for him. His real name is apparently Swallow - but I much prefer Winston. He didn't fail to entertain us and enjoyed his handful of carrot before we continued on our walk.

We then took a slight detour and meet a few new horses. We met a young friendly pair (shown in the top pic) and further along a very daft white horse, who practically climbed through hedging and wire to greet us.

Sorry to bore y'all, but that practically all I have done all week - so not much to tell...

In the only other news, a pair of lovely Easton wheels are on their way to me this evening. Once I have put them on him, Ted will be 100% mine (No more loans from Mullerton). A new pair of forks also recently arrived - but I think that Mikey intends to put them on his new stead, so I can keep the ones that I borrowed/stole earlier. Whoopeee. Ted is now all mine!!

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