Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ridin’ with the rellies – a gentle pootle with some gentle folk!

...Wow! My 2nd post in a week!


As me and Mullerton were both off work this week we had planned to ride do the Coast to Coast Mineral Tramways Trail that takes you off-road from Portreath to Devoran.

In a bizarre twist of fate my visiting Aunt & Uncle had also planned to hire some bikes and attempt a route that they had seen Julia Bradbury walk on the tellywinky. Obviously, we decided it would be nice to do this ride as a family so we packed up Gary (My Kona CinderCone) and Spot (Spot by name, Spot by nature) and rendezvoused at a place ingeniously named, the Bike Barn.

To my amazement the place didn’t offer any safety lids with each hire bicycle but the bikes were of half decent standard and I guess as the route is quite gentle and rarely near any traffic helmets weren’t seen as vital.

Anyway, off we pootled and despite an earlier downpour the skies were clear and the sun was HOT HOT HOT! The route was relatively simple – no huge hills, just undulating, twisty-turny rocky, gravelly and occasionally very muddy tracks. The scenery was spectacular and ever-changing – shady wooded areas, farmland, mining engine houses, open quarries and broad sweeping estuaries.

9 miles in and we had reached our destination – a pub that sold a nice array of food. After a satisfying meal of butties and cheesy chips (and of course local ale for the males) we were back in our saddles and homeward bound.

My poor uncle put on a brave face as he was struggling with an uncomfortable saddle, but he was still smiling and being ever the gentleman - bringing up the rear making sure no-one got left behind.

(My Auntie & Uncle)

Halfway home one of the hire bikes needed bicycle repairman’s expertise as the chain had bust a link and the gears were unresponsive. Thankfully, this time, Mikey had the required tools and we were soon off and able to complete the ride.

Oh, I forgot to mention that we also saw the infamous Beast of Portreath. In the field where we had parked, we saw a giant black creature with piercing eyes. It looked wild and rabid. Sadly my camera was in the car so I don’t have any photos. Anyway, as we continued to unpack the car we suddenly found ourselves face to face with this crazed animal. Unknown to any of us it had stealthily crossed the field and sneakily jumped into the car, sniffing at Mikey’s cycling shoes. Mikey bravely grabbed it and removed it from the boot – as the last thing I needed was feline hair on the upholstery – I am highly allergic! And no sooner as he had done it, the determined beast jumped into my Aunties’ new Mini. What a menace! I have to say though, that despite its reputation I found the encounter with this furry beast far from scary – it was a pussy cat!!

Anyway, back to the tale at hand, the ride was lovely and despite it being nearly double the mileage I'm used to, I found it really easy and enjoyable and with 19 miles added to my monthly totaliser, I’m laughing.

... I just can't wait to do it again.


VeloCake said...

This week i've taught you how to mend a puncture, next week I'll teach you how to fix a broken chain.

Simon said...

Sounds like a lovely ride :)