Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The cruel twist of fate….

After such a remarkable start to the month… things took a turn for the worst. No sooner as I had posted my last celebratory blog entry, I got a nasty cold!

I blame Mikey, he’d had a cold the previous week! But me being me, and always having to go one step further, got a truly stinking strain of it:- a permanent headache, a sore throat that felt like I’d swallowed a shed load of carpet tacks, a soaring temperature, aching joints and a barrel load of snot! Interestingly, when I entered my symptoms to NHSDirect.com they said I had the dreaded swine flu – what a bunch of scare-mongering! What’s wrong with just having a good old fashioned cold?

Anyway, whatever it is, it left me too poorly sick to go out on my bike. More annoyingly though, despite my best efforts to keep the infection off my chest, it has left my lungs in a sad old state! Grrr! I had hoped that the last few months getting fit would have helped more. Guess I shouldn't grumble though, as things probably could have been worse so I won’t let it damper my enthusiasm.
Miserably though, all this means that I still haven’t made it much past my 100mile target and also even sadder still; I haven’t had another opportunity to ride in my spiffy new hi-vis jacket! Pfft!

Thankfully, I am starting to feel slightly better now and am itching to get out on my bike. Just can’t decide if I should wait for my lungs to completely clear or go for a ride and let the wind blast it all out!

Hmmm... decisions decisons...


VeloCake said...

get on the bike and sweat it out, thats the best.

btw my cold wass just a bunged up nose nothing else!

trio said...

Hope it goes away soon! Being ill sucks! Someone told me they had swine flu the other week, then did a bike ride, think we have got soft in this country!

But a bad cold is horrid! But you should get it out of your system quicker now you are fitter!

Simon said...

Get well soon!

KatieCake said...

Thanks for the comments and well wishes. :-)

I went for a quick spin around the block this afternoon as I was desperate to get on my bike and also to see how much the cold had affected my lungs.

It was really nice to blow the cobwebs away, but irritatingly, and as I feared, the cold has prettty much put my fitness level back to nil!

Looking on the brightside though, I am pretty certain that, like trio suggested, the cold was definately out of my system quicker and less severe than my usual colds, now I that I am a little bit fitter!

Thankfully being the stubborn person I am, I will not let this set-back deter me... I ride coz it's fun and who's to say I have to be any good at it anyway! ;-)

trio said...

Once you are well again the fitness will be there. I can often tell I'm getting ill as cycling feels so hard!

Oh I've always been rubbish and then one day all the miles pay off and you realise that you are ok at it!

Simon said...

I will bring you Lancashire cheese - that will make you strong again :)

KatieCake said...

Mmmm... you can't beat a crackin' piece of crumbly Lancashire!

I'll get some crackers in.

Simon said...

Crumbly? Surely tasty lancashire is better?

KatieCake said...

ROFL @ Simon. When you've been subjected to nasty-processed-supermarket Lancashire cheese for as long as me... you really do miss the crumbliness of a nice bit of real Lancashire cheese.

Thanks for the encouraging words Trio. I've done a 2nd ride since my bout of lurgy and remarkably noticed a significant improvement... so maybe with a few more rides under my belt I will regain my prior fitness level - which wasn't much to write home about, but if I continue as I'm going I am sure I will be moderately fit soon.