Saturday, 27 February 2010

A good week

This week has been a a good week. On Wednesday me and Mikey took Ted for a ride. The conditions were wet and miserable but it was a great opportunity for me to get used to his handling. It was a good ride, despite the weather, and we rode at a quick pace. I was pleased to find that Mikey appeared quite impressed with my new found climbing abilities as he watched me defeat my old nemesis, with ease.

A ride on Friday with my Mum, added more miles to my total. Unfortunately this time, although the sun was out, the wind was fierce and no matter which way we turned we always seemed to have a bitter headwind. This made it quite difficult to keep up any momentum and I was disappointed that I didn't quite make it to the top of my old nemesis. Ah, well, no biggie.... there will always be a next time.

By today, I was thinking I should save my legs for an adventure on Sunday - Mikeys day off. But as I wanted to do some sort of riding, I decided a pootle down to the beach with my Mum would be nice. It's only a mile down to the beach and I thought that when I got there I could attempt quicker dismounts (in preparation for my cyclo-cross debut). It seemed like a good idea as if I was going to attempt them, the sand would make for a soft landing. Everything was arranged and I headed out on my MTB (I didn't want to get my new bike full of sand).

Shortly after setting off, I got a text from Mikey saying he would be on his lunch break in 45 mins, so in a hasty decision we turned round and cycled into Penzance to meet him for lunch. Argh, if oly I'd have known - I could have riden Ted as it would have been great practise on the loose terrain of the coast path. It was a pleasant enough ride; except at some point near Marazion Marshes, when some imbecile in a people-carrier decided to overtake us, whilst we were over taking a parked car, and he headed straight into the path of a child riding with his Dad coming in the opposite direction. It was a scary moment but the child seemed oblivious to his near fate. Marazion is always hellish to ride through and it's pretty rare that you can get through without incident, so once we were on the coast path, we could relax a little as the only thing to think about now were the swarms of walkers and dogs to navigate through.

Half a cheese toastie later and we turned for home. This time there were even more walkers and dogs obstacles. At one point an old lady walked straight into me, despite me calling out to warn her of my presence as I slammed on my brakes. Thankfully, that was my only close call on the journey home. We even managed the hill out of Marazion without incident and with only the need for one brief stop for a breather. So much for a leisurely short pootle, we had just done another 13.5 miles.

Wowsers, It's only just Saturday and I am already well over target and I still have an epic adventure to go on tomorrow with Mikey - I just hope I still have something left in my legs.


VeloCake said...

tomorrows training will be hupping boards. hup hup!

Red Bike said...

Only half a toastie?
No cake, no cup of tea. Poor effort there.

I love riding to the sea. It's something I don't get to do very often as I live about as far away from it as you can get!

KatieCake said...

Sorry, yes a cuppa tea accompanied the half of toastie. ;-) I shared the toastie with my Mum as I couldn't have managed the ride home, which is uphill all the way, on a full stomach... ;-)

As for the cake - I had a scrummy large cookie waiting for me at home. =D