Friday, 12 February 2010

Bike Build stopped in its tracks!

The last few days have been very exciting as new bits have been arriving to build up the Yeti.

As most of you know, I could only afford to buy the frame and not the whole bike, but since then I have had this silly notion that I can recreate the full bike by buying pretty much the same stuff but last year's or 2008's cheaper models of all the components.

Unfortunately, there is no way that I will ever be able to afford any Easton X forks (old or new). Thankfully though, Plan B was to beg, steal or borrow some, which I did. So the first addition to the frame was a pair of borrowed forks (from Mikey - until I have saved up enough for my own - he only uses them for the cross races).

But the excitement really started when the first bits of my very own arrived. First through the letterbox were the Easton seatpost and stem (both cheaper 2008 versions). Then came the Cane Creek headset (bought at trade price). Next came the shiney Shimano group set (not the Ultegra, but almost - the next best thing, again at trade price).

Unfortunately, I then got a mini statement from the bank and realised that I was outta money. So despite my supersavings, I was still coming up short. Ouch! I am suddenly skint.

So the build was now at a standstill; at least until next pay day. I was still needing bars, canti's, pedals, a saddle and wheels (but at a push I can steal some wheels from Mullerton). Argh! All seemed lost!

That was until this evening when Jumbly kindly offered me a Bonty saddle. I can not thank her enough. Then to my suprise Mikey arrived home with a valentines treat for me.... some Avid Shorty brakes. Things suddenly felt brighter. Now all I really need is some bars, as with Mikeys wheel loan and if I pinch my Globes pedals, the Yeti will at least be roadworthy!

So close yet so far.....


Simon said...

It won't be long! Looking forward to seeing bob :)

KatieCake said...

He's not-Bob! :p