Saturday, 6 February 2010

Woop Woop! He's on his way.

Just a quicky for those of you, who haven't heard (via Twitter or Facebook).... A lovely Yeti Cross frame now has my name on it and is making it's way to our local bike shop.

Yay. I am soooooooooo excited and can hardly wait (even though I can not afford any components for it yet!)

Until he arrives, here is another catalog pic. (I am sure that I will bore you all with some pics of my very own soon.)


grant said...

Bob's on the way!

VeloCake said...

careful...we've just been out for an hour or so, midway round i called him Bob, and the reply was. " he's not fricking well being called Bob!" i then got the silent treatment for 5 minutes:) ace

Red Bike said...

Very nice.
So what is the new bike being called?

KatieCake said...

So far his name is "not-Bob"!!

I am open to suggestions. =D