Saturday, 3 December 2011

November - A Pathetic Month.

Well, what can I say.... despite my best intentions, my knees, my asthma, a number of family issues; including the death of Mikey's beloved Gran, and the miserable weather have left me unmotivated to ride. So yet again my monthly mileage has been far from average.... in fact Novembers statistics speak for themselves.... they are pathetic. Again, I have done less than 100 miles. Only a mere 86.6 miles! Not the greatest of months, but things can only get better, right? ;-)


trio said...

I wouldn't call it pathetic.....think of all the people who do nothing!

SS:Mntbiker\Olskoolrodder said...

DOn't feel too awful badly...I exceeded my monthly goal of 100 miles,but that's not a lot,or a lofty goal. You'll get it this month (And I...probably won't,LOL!). Cheers up,my friend :)


KatieCake said...

@Amy Hehehe... that's true. Thanks. I'll keep it in mind next time I'm being too hard on myself.

@Steve Well done on exceeding your goals. I hope that you can keep up the good work and that this month we both manage to meet our targets.