Saturday, 24 December 2011

Another pathetic month

Well, what another rubbish month. As you know I lost my mojo in November, however, I found it again at the beginning of this month. Sadly it was short lived and I lost it again, re found it and then boom it's gone - yet again!

Unsurprisingly, it is mainly the weather that is defeating me, but I've also been having a rubbish time at work (practically working myself into the ground) and the remnants of the cold/flu still lingering hasn't helped matters. Not having a cycling buddy available to ride with in daylight hours hasn't helped my cause either, as when the sun drops the temperatures plummet so even going to meet Mikey is hard work. *Sigh* They are all just excuses, but they really have taken hold and zapped all my motivation.

After my last blog I did manage another two Turbo sessions, but they quickly became tedious and even the thought of getting back is now hard work.

Consequently, I haven't got back on the bike in nearly 2 weeks. Eeek! I can feel my fitness deteriorating and see the weight piling back on, but I really can't get myself motivated.

Anyway, I have decided not to let it get me down, I will just ride when I want to in these last few days of December and not try and force myself out of the door.

Then maybe, just maybe, I will get back on track in January.

Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. I hope you all have a fantastic time.


Trevor said...

I wouldn't worry about mileage now..You will soon be able to start building the miles throughout a brand new year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

(Oh! By the way....regarding the Father Christmas..he is obviously a long distance cyclist- riding both in Cornwall and Dorset).


SS:Mntbiker\Olskoolrodder said...

Trevor's right,don't beat yourself up,it's a BUSY holiday season,you're still feeling the gots all 2012 (right up until the world ends,LOL,rolling my eyes here :p ) to rack up some miles,my friend! Have a very merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years!