Sunday, 7 November 2010

A very lazy week

For only the second time this year it looks like I've failed my weekly target and unfortunately this time it isn't due to illness but pure unadulterated lazy-itis

It's pretty shocking really as it is the first time since my bicycle rediscovery that I've been unable to muster up any motivation. Until now, I have been itching to ride most days and even on those days that I couldn't due to illness or family commitments etc, I soon started climbing the walls in desperation.

Can't really pinpoint what has subdued my enthusiasm, but its probably a culmination of stuff.  Firstly there was Cheshire rides. As my last post said, the 1st one was fun but the 2nd was rubbish and I had to force myself to continue even though I wasn't enjoying it.  It was such a shame really as I had been looking forward to them for so long and then was really disappointed.  Sadly the even rubbisher local ride on our return left me even more empty and uninspired.

So I treated myself to a few days off. I intended to get back on my bike within a few days but it never seemed to happen.  Basically I couldn't be bothered; I was tired and exhausted. Work has been rather stressful recently with the boss cutting my hours down to 3days a week, but leaving me to do the same work load.   (Thankfully at the beginning of the week I was informed that my hours could go back to 5days a week as they realised that I was too valuable! Phewph!)  Then there's the worry about my Mum, she tells me not to as she says she is OK, but its hard not to worry when we still don't know whats causing her to frequently collapse/faint. 

As if all that wasn't enough to unmotivate me, there's also the nasty weather and darker evenings playing their role in stopping me from riding - I can no longer ride into Penzance to meet Michael from work as I don't have any adequate lights yet.

As a result, I have done very little mileage this week, apart from when I forced myself to put Ted onto the Turbo and did 13 miles. We also planned to do a nice little off-road ride today, but now I'm unsure if that is going to happen as Mikey appears to have been kidnapped by one of the locals and is currently off building his new bike.

Watch this space to see if I failed to do my meager 25mile weekly target....

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Simon said...

Nothing wrong with a lazy week or so every now and then. Sometimes you just need a break to recharge. Don't let it get you down, you've done lots of miles this year :)