Thursday, 18 November 2010

Another unispired week

Yet again I have lacked the motivation to get out on my bike much in the last few weeks.

I am hoping that I will get out of this slump soon... i'm just so uninspired by the miserable weather.

Cornwall is pretty wet at the moment.
Unfortunately, my cycling wardrobe is still quite limited. Some of the winter clothes that I had last year (ie, 3/4 shorts and full length tights) are too big now, so are pretty uncomfortable. (Hehehe, not that I am complaining abut loosing weight!) Also my shoes are summer shoes so within moments my feet are like very soggy icicles. I just hope that the birthday and Christmas fairy will hear my plea... and whilst they're at it, I need a new waterproof jacket too. ;-)

The darker evenings are also taking their toll on my mileage as I do not have any adequate lights so I can no longer ride into Penzance to meet Mikey from work - without which I loose 20miles from my goal.

If all that wasn't enough to zap my motivation, the lack of a cycling buddy is really getting me down. With the darker evenings (& lack of lights) meaning I can't ride with Mikey and the cross season in full swing which encroaches on the only day off we share, I am forced to make any ride I do alone. :-( I can't even drag my Mum out for a pootle as she is still unwell. Any one got any ideas of how I can find me a biking buddy?

Ah well, hopefully my birthday this weekend will see me in a brighter mood and hopefully make better prepared for the nasty weather/darker evenings and help me get out of this slump. Even better still we have both got the weekend off so we can spend some time on our bikes together.


Mullerton said...

maybe if you're very good you'll get something nice for your birthday. But only if you're very good.

Simon said...

Happy Birthday!

Fingers crossed for lots of birthday/christmas cycling goodies and maybe a cycling buddy will magically appear as well :)

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Well I wish you a very happy Birthday! If I lived over yunder,and was able to ride (haven't been much of this year,still),I'd ride with ya =)


KatieCake said...

Thanks for crossing your fingers Simon. It worked. Now i've no excuses left (except for the cycling buddy). ;-)

Thanks Steve. Would be great if you weren't so far away. =D