Sunday, 21 November 2010

Bicycling Birthday Bonanza

After a sleepless night due to noisy neighbours, I was not really in the mood to celebrate my birthday today, but after a cuppa and a bowl of Cheerios I started to feel human again and things began to look brighter as I started to open my pressies.

Mikey has extremely spoilt me this year and presented me with an array of amazing gifts, including a super pair of winter cycling boots which I have been desperate for since the summer turned to autumn/winter.  In his generosity he bought me some Shimano GoreTex boots.  I've been after winter shoes for a while now, but there doesn't seem to be much of a market for them in Cornwall... there's some school of thought here that overshoes are much better.  Anyway, after wearing the new boots on a cycling jaunt for cake at the beach this afternoon I definitely disagree.  They are the future for Cornish riders. I was warm and toasty despite the cold sea breeze.

Not content with spoiling me once I was amazed to also receive a set of much needed bicycle lights.  Not just any old lights though, he treated me to a set of rechargeable Exposure Flash and Flare lights.  So, after an early(ish) evening meal at our fave local Indian we decided to wrap up in our thermals and take our 2nd ride for the day to take the new lights for a test ride. It was the perfect ending to a super day.  Despite the cold temp it was still and the moon was bright. Living in such a rural area there are few streetlights so it gave them a good road-test.  They may look small but looks are deceptive.... they give out a huge amount of light and made me highly visible from a long distance. I'd highly recommend them.

Other fantastic pressies included a new waterproof jacket from my Mum and some super toasty Merino arm warmers from my Auntie and also some other merino goodies and tonnes of chocolate.

I can't believe how lucky and spoilt I have been and what an ace birthday I've had. Everything has been perfect, possibly the best birthday EVER. (Apart from one awful moment when a small bird flew straight into my head as I raced down a narrow hill, managing to get itself stuck momentarily in my helmet. Thankfully it didn't come to any harm, I think we were both a little shell shocked)


John Berry said...

Happy B-Day...

trio said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday. I have those winter boots they really are great!

I'm sure Mikey just bought the ights so you can meet himm after work, completely selfish!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

happy birthday! sounds like you had a great one and youre lucky to have such a good bf! x

Simon said...

What a lucky girl :)