Sunday, 28 November 2010


This week has been pretty miserable - weatherwise - and despite my new winter wardrobe there have been days that it has been just too cold to ride. Yes, I know that it's colder back home in Mcr, but even by Cornish standards its blinkin' freezin'. Just can't imagine what it would have been without my new winter wardrobe. Brrrr! 

On Wednesday it was so awful that we had to cut a ride short as the torrential sleet and hail was just too painful so I had to complete the ride indoors on Ted in the dining room. (Hehehe! He is now fixed to the trainer and will remain there during the winter months. Which is really just an excuse to keep him indoors and stop him from getting damp and rusty in the garage - shhhh... don't tell Mikey!)

My paste-y white knees and Ted staying warm & dry.
Anyway, despite the miserable weather I've somehow managed to ride just over 40miles this week. Which I'm pretty chuffed about as it has taken me over my 2000th mile this year. I'm so chuffed! This time last year I could only dream that I would have achieved so much in this time.

Not content with hitting 2000miles I have now set myself a challenge to make it to 2200miles before the years out - which would be a whole 1000miles over my original target.

(Keep your fingers crossed for me as last time I set myself an extra little challenge like this I was close to failing and it took its toll on my motivation.   I'll just have to keep reminding myself of how great it will feel to achieve it!  And please...  if I start to flag, just remind me that the VeloCake cyclogs team needs me. ROFL!)


Simon said...

Woohoo, well done on 2000 miles, that's fantastic :)

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Mad,MAD props on meeting your goal early!!! Sweet victory! Now,as to the additional,YOU CAN DO IT! I promise you that you can! =)