Thursday, 17 December 2009

Triumph turns to despair within just a few hours.

Last week I exceeded all my expectations when I managed to blast through my weekly target and add 11 extra miles (not a great mileage for all your seasoned athletes but remember I've only been riding again for a few months). I was also really chuffed when I realised that all my hard work was actually paying off when I discovered that now on average I was riding faster and covering longer distances with much more ease. Also, those hills that used to defeat me were now becoming easier to conquer.

Things were great. I was on a high! I planned to increase my overall monthly target. I was starting to feel like a real cyclist - not just someone who rides bikes occassionally. My dreams of entering a cyclo-cross race were starting to look achievable. Nothing could stop me now. As my previous post stated I even had plans to treat myself to a nice new bike.

That was until yesterday afternoon. It was Mikey's day off. A rare chance to ride with him. I was excited; due to the darker evenings we don’t get many chances to ride bikes together. We set off on our adventure - a road ride around the local lanes. The sun was shining and the garden thermometer read a pleasant 8degrees but despite this I had wrapped myslef up, head to toe. (My recent lurgy has left my arms and legs covered in unsightly and embarrassing scabs.) Within a few minutes on the bike I was thankful for the longer layers though, as the wind was bitter! Unfortunately, the freezing winds quickly left my lungs in a miserable state (they had shrunk to nothing with the cold) and I soon became breathless. Consequently the lack of Oxygen left my legs weak and turning the pedals was difficult.

Argh! Enough was enough. I stopped and quickly removed my buff - which was currently keeping my ears toasty. I'd just have to have cold ears - breathing was more of a priority right now. Hopefully, with the buff as a face mask it would take the "nip" out of the air before it entered my lungs. It did give me and my lungs some sort of relief but sadly it was too late; I was pretty much physically and mentally broken. My legs were empty and I was frustrated. I didn't want to give up as we had only done just over a mile. After last weeks personal bests, I had set my standards higher. I couldn't give up! Plus, it’s so rare that I can now cycle with Mikey, so I knew I should try and make the most of it.

I struggled on, doing my best to achieve a respectable mileage, but it really hurt and we were slow. We got home 45 mins after setting off, with 7.5miles on the clock. A few months ago I would have been happy with that mileage, but now it wasn’t enough - I wanted to do more.

I am now really despondent and fed up, so my plans for a new bike are on hold. If the weather continues like this, I can’t see me physically able to keep my momentum going over the winter. Yesterdays ride has had a devastating affect on my motivation. Don't worry, I wont give up without a fight, I just need to regain some drive and determination. (I guess I shouldn't have gotten carried away with the excitement and set new goals. I should have stuck with what I know - and avoided disappointment)


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Sounds like you had a tough time of it. Don't let it get you down,it happens to all of us on occasion...especially if it's THAT cold out. Just take it as it was,a really cold day that bothered your lungs,and just keep on keeping on. :)

VeloCake said...

any miles, even bad ones are better than none at all. keep pedaling, a little and often it all helps.

KatieCake said...

Thanks guys. Your encouraging words are gratefully recieved. ;-)

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Anytime,my friend :)