Saturday, 26 December 2009

A festive mince pie on the Beach.

While most people were basting turkeys and looking for batteries for their new must-have gadgets, we decided to get out and ride. We have been toying with the idea of a mince pie and a brew on the beach, for a while now, but never really thought it would happen as Christmas is notoriously a chaotic and stressed day where family and friends have other plans.
Anyway, as most of you already know from my constant gloating, we have an idyllic beach less than a mile away from our door. So, after opening our presents and devouring a scrummy cooked breakfast we prepared a flask of tea and packed the homemade mince pies into a Tupperware and set off, collecting my Mum en route.

We set off enjoying the unusually quiet roads but then, as I was taking the lead, I made a snap decision to take a detour and veered off onto a sweeping muddy bridleway which took us downhill to our first beach of the day. The sun was out and when we hit the rocky beach we had a brief stop to admire the views and take some photo's.

Mullerton's bike, some rocks & the Mount!

It was then back up the hill to head to beach number two – our local and favourite beach. By this time there were a number of people walking along the coast path and the novelty of cheerily calling out “Happy Christmas” to all as we rode past soon became tiresome. Baa humbug! ;-)

We broke out the mince pies and tea when we reached our destination. Unfortunately, we had forgotten to check tide times so we were unable to ride across the sand but it was still enjoyable.

Mikey's bike, a flask of tea & a mince pie.

We then packed up and took the long way home, which included a blinkin’ hard off road climb, some more up-hills and then, as if my legs weren’t already tired enough, we decided on an extra detour to take in a mile of very muddy singletrack. I kid you not the mud was deep. If you were unlucky enough to have to put a foot down, you were at risk of loosing a shoe. Was great fun though – and even funnier when Mikey, managed to fall off into the mud.

Mullerton's hairy leg (not mine)

It was then time for a quick wash (bikes & humans) and then to the local pub(s) just in time for last orders. Then back to my Mum’s for Christmas dinner.

Ahhh, what a nice way to spend Christmas – if only every year it could be that simple and relaxed. ;-)

Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got everything you asked Father Christmas for.


VeloCake said...

doesn't my Spot look ace against the atlantic coast?
it was an ace way to spend the morning, apart from taking a chunk out of spots frame on the doorstep

Simon said...

Sounds like a bloody lovely way to spend Christmas :)

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Sounds like you guys had a great ride/day! I envy the beaches (you've never heard that before...right? :p).

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Mine and me? Actually rather enjoyable for once. No rides,no electric or water at our home,but we've been bouncing back and forth between home and here (my Parent's house),and spent some quality time with loved ones.

Hoping to have electric at midnight 1-1-10 (and our water will come on then as needs power to pump),and I hope to ride trail on New Year's day,as per the last 10 or so year's tradition.

I'm just rambling,I suppose. I really enjoyed this post and the pics (gotta love mud!). I wish you a very blessed/happy New Year's as well :)