Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas - a time for giving, a time for sharing.

As some of you are aware I have set myself a challenge to compete in next season’s cyclo-cross league. Obviously, as it's likely I am going to be rubbish, I feel I at least need to do it in style so I have hatched a plan. I need a Yeti! Trouble is, I can't find any second-hand ones in my size.

So you just may be able to help me. I can afford a spangly new frame, but don't think my minimum wage wages will be able to stretch to afford the components too. Do any of you lovely people have any unwanted bits that need a loving new home. As this will be a community project, part ownership of completed bike may be granted, obviously in accordance to size of donation. Look at this as a community project, charity** or even sponsorship, I don't mind... just please give a girl a break...

Oh and remember Sir Cliff's immortal words whilst you rummage in your garage/shed/workshop, "Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, a time for giving, a time for sharing..."

** My Mum taught me never to beg for anything so this isn't a begging letter... I am just looking for a little assistance. :-)

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SS:Mtn Biker said...

Yeti's are certainly NICE! I'm sorry that I don't own anything remotely related to Cross parts...come to think of it,I think I sold just about all of my mtn bike part stash to fund other projects over the summer too. I want ya to know tho,if I had anything to offer,I'd happily send it. I wish you and your a very merry Christmas and happy New Year's!