Thursday, 10 December 2009

Bike shop blues & comedy gold!

I love bike shops with all the shiny trinkets and gizmos but I’ve never really been a fan of buying myself things from bike shops. Why? Well, because I find them quite intimidating as they're usually staffed by males and are generally male-orientated places. I find this can be quite disconcerting – even though I often know more about the stuff than the sales assistant. It’s particularly perturbing when buying clothes as I am far from an athletic build and feel quite embarrased ordering clothes in a large or extra large. (But don’t get me started on that – I believe there is a definite flaw in the UK bike market. Grrrr… since when is a size 14 woman large?!)

Sorry, back to the tale at hand. Having a boyfriend in the bike business is great as it generally means that I don’t have to go through the faff of going into a shop to try things on, etc. The invention of internet shopping also means that buying cycling bits and bobs is much less daunting. Unfortunately there are just some things that can’t be avoided as I desperately needed some cycling shoes. I didn’t like the ones that Mikeys shop stocked and as I really wasn’t sure of what size I would need it didn’t seem appropriate to buy online… so I had to grit my teeth into a smile and venture into a bike shop.

EEK! I was a little uneasy when I realised that the only place to sit down in the shop (to try the shoes on) was a “Specialized Ass O’meter”. Argh! I knew that when I stood up the shop assistant would be able to see the size of my bottom! Dammit! Ah well… I would just make light of it… so when I sat down I jokingly uttered to the shop owner “Now, no laughing at the size of my ass when I stand up.” ;-)

His reply was unexpected but I couldn’t help but laugh at his embarrassment as he realised what he had said… “I won’t laugh, but I will check it out!” Oh how I laughed as the entire colour drained from his face. Ah well it broke the ice and his awkwardness made me no longer feel like a girly out of my depth in a male orientated world….


VeloCake said...

they're not Sidi disco slippers though are they. Soon be xmas hint hint....:)

SS:Mtn Biker said...

I LMAO at this one,:P! I have wondered myself at times what it would be like as a woman shopping in bike shops. I think at least one that I frequent would go out of his way to make sure anyone feels welcome and appreciated (he's in it for the love of bikes,NOT the income),but others...well,I don't send my wife in there for me =/

Good ppost,and I needed that laugh after busting up all that wood to burn this eve :)