Saturday, 24 March 2012

Singing on the by-pass.

Yesterday I was riding over to meet Mikey from work.  It was a lovely sunny day but as ever the ocean wind was brutal. Ah well, I'd have a tail wind all the way there.  I decided to take the longer route there - along the by-pass - as with the tail wind it would be fun and super fast.

Weeeeeee!  I was having a blast.  I had a song repeating over and over in my head. I didn't know many of the words so it was just the same two lines over and OVER.  Trouble was it wasn't just in my head - I was singing at the top of my lungs.  Ah well, at least the people in the cars wouldn't hear me over their engines and the wind.

About 3 miles in and at the first roundabout (the first place that I needed to take a proper look over my shoulder) I realised I had a cyclist on my tail. Jeez! How long had he been there? I had been singing/wailing for the last few miles and there's no way he couldn't have heard me.

I said a quick hello, trying not to look too embarrassed, before heading across the roundabout and taking my exit. Weeeee! The wind was still with me but I realised I was very early so I slowed down.  I hardly needed to pedal.  This was fun. Without thinking, I started singing again.  The same song, The same two lines. The same tone-deaf wailing.

Ooops, another quick turn to negotiate around a parked car and I was mortified to see I still had company. Eek.. I hadn't realised the cyclist had followed me.  Had I not learnt anything?  If he hadn't heard me the first time, he would definitely have heard this time.  Sheeesh! Ah well. It was too late now.  The next roundabout and he was still sat behind me - not sure why he was still behind me, as like I said my speed had dropped dramatically due to being too early for my rendezvous.  Maybe he was enjoying my beautiful catawailing. Yeah right. ;-)

I meet Mikey just near a an industrial estate but to get to the meeting place I have to turn back on myself to go and wait in a lay-by.  At this final roundabout the chap was still there.  He looked a little bemused when I signalled and manoeuvred to go all the way round but surely by now he realised I was a complete oddball.

Ah well, just maybe my cheeryness made him smile on an otherwise boring daily commute.


SS:Mntbiker\Olskoolrodder said...

I laughed out loud (and needed it after today's chorelist),sounds like an awesome ride,my friend!

Marsha said...

Wonderful post. It happened to me once with a Lady Gaga song. Only it was a guy on a scooter, and he didn't look bemused...he was laughing quite loudly!

John Berry said...

So what pray tell was the song ?