Thursday, 1 March 2012

Abstinence .... 2012

Yay! Just like last year I have successfully managed another month without ANY chocolate!

This year I decided I would go one better and cut out other sweet treats, cake and biscuits etc, but sadly this lasted only a few days.  So then I told myself I could just have treats at weekend..... still no chocolate of any shape or form but just a little treat or two, plain cakes or biscuits.  Again this didn't work! Work was just too stressful and my will power was non-existent!  Flapjacks and biscuits were consumed more than I would have liked.  There was plenty of times I nearly caved but instead I substituted my sweet cravings for anything other than chocolate.

Despite proving to myself that this chocoholic doesn't need chocolate it was a pretty pointless exercise as I didn't shed any significant weight or lose anything off my hips or waist.  On a positive note it does show how determined/stubborn I can be. =)


John Berry said...

You could always force yourself to make your own cakes and biscuits therefore fooling yourself you're making the effort to bake, also being diabetic, the first thing I do is half the amount of sugar added to a recipe and then use half and half sugar, I don't feel so bad eating cake and the sugar intake is reduce to a quarter or so I say to myself and I have to use the energy to make and clear up after myself

John Berry said...

ps from John's wifey

KatieCake said...

Hiya John's Wifey Thanks for your lovely comment.

I really would have to "force" myself to bake. I love baking but hate using an electric oven and as we don't have 'mains gas' in our village my baking has become pretty much non-existent. Instead, I just keep the local bakeries in business by buying their scrummy products.

Anyway thanks for dropping by. =D