Thursday, 1 March 2012

February Round-Up

After a couple of really shameful months I have finally managed to achieve a half decent mileage.

With the weather improving in mid Feb and that first [for a while] enjoyable ride on the 19th, things started to improve.  The subsequent ride was again an enjoyable one. The one after that was OK - not great, but not too painful either.  The following one was thankfully another enjoyable one; it was pretty tough with some mighty winds but non-the-less I quite enjoyed it.

Then yesterday I pulled another good ride out of the bag with a pretty decent mileage; taking a jaunt over to the seaside town of Mousehole. The weather was lovely, in fact it was so fine that the 3/4 length tights came out instead of the winter tights.  We sat on the sandy beach in Mousehole in the sunshine, sharing a veg pasty before riding home. It was so warm that shockingly I had to remove some layers on the way back as I started overheating. Yay! Hopefully this means Spring is here and that I can get back out on my bike more.

Anyway, here's the important bit. My monthly total was a respectable 112.5 miles. All of which were done on my winter bike outside - with no turbo sessions needed.

I start March feeling positive again, so watch this space.


Trevor said...

Pleased that you have found your positive outlook again....
I look forward to seeing how March pans out for you.


SS:Mntbiker\Olskoolrodder said...

Me too (what Tevor said) :). January was a good month for my riding,but despite better (read...warmer) weather for most of February,it kinda sucked mileage-wise for me,LOL,I didn't bust 50 miles all month :(

Hoping my March will be better too. I would have rideen today (it's high 60's and sunny out) but I'm battling the head cold from haides again,ugh!

I did order up my first folding bike today though,so Mrch is already looking promising for biking here :)

KatieCake said...

Thanks fella's. I will keep you posted. ;-)