Sunday, 6 February 2011

Viva la France

Looking forward to riding through the vineyards
Bonjour mon petit fleur.  (Sorry my French is very limited so bear with me).

Nous allon vacance en France et je suis tres, er... excited. (Sorry I couldn't keep up the pigeon French). So basically just thought I'd let you know that we have just booked ourselves a holiday. (Our first holiday in years). My kind Mum is taking us on a self catering cycling holiday in a quaint gite in the Loire Valley.

I hope the boulangerie is within riding distance for fresh goodies.
It will be the first time I have been to France since a school trip many years ago - at least back then I could speak a little more French.... nowadays all I can remember is "Ou'est la piscine?" and "Je'voudrais un pain au chocolat" Not the most useful of phrases... especially as we have a gite with a pool so if I used that phrase people might think me very "special".

Really looking forward to it and knowing we are going is giving me some extra inspiration to ride more. I'd hate to get there an not manage to ride much, after all its gonna be much flatter than here. =D It's also giving me a very slight incentive to lose weight as its been a long time since I've exposed so much flesh in a swimming costume.


trio said...

Sounds like it will be a great holiday!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

That sounds like a brilliant holiday. France is great