Saturday, 26 February 2011

Spring has sprung

Today was a balmy 14°C and although the wind was "blustery" (20+mph) it felt like a nice spring day and a great day to to ride.

For the first time this year I didn't reach for my full length tights, choosing to bare my pastey-white ankles in my 3/4 shorts.  Caught up in the moment (and full of the joys of spring) I also opted for my non-winter shoes. This was just crazy! I even rebelled by leaving my trusty fleece buff behind. Spring was here.

I also wanted to ditch my long sleeve base layer and wear the snazzy little arm warmers that I was given for my birthday, but much to my dismay they were nowhere to be found. After hours of unsuccessful looking I gave up, reverting back to my base layer under the obligatory VC jersey.

The first part of the ride was a jolly jaunt with my Ma. She wanted to do about 7miles or so but I finally brought her back to the village with 9 miles on the clock. After leaving her safely in the village I turned back for a quick spin. It seemed a shame to waste the sunshine. So back up the hill and out the village I went. By 'eck this wind was strong, thankfully it wasn't a cold wind though.

With a final total of 20 miles under my belt I returned home happy (and very dehydrated as I'd forgotten to pick up a bottle and I was gasping). Wish I'd stayed out a little longer though as maybe then I would have missed the hair raising moment when a white van failed to stop at a T junction at the bottom of our hill. I was doing between 25-30mph at the time and he didn't look before pulling out into my path. Not quite sure how he managed to stop, the screech of brakes was nerve shattering. Anyway I got home slightly shell shocked, shattered but in general happy.

Lets hope that Spring is here to stay as on my return, after pulling everything out of the wardrobe and drawers, I finally found my arm warmers, so hopefully now they will get their debut tomorrow.


simondbarnes said...

14 degrees! That's almost shorts weather :)

I need some warm, sunny weather to get me out on a bike again.

KatieCake said...

It was shorts weather! Just long 3/4 shorts. :P

BTW I thought that you'd done a couple of rides this month?

simondbarnes said...

I'm not logging any miles at the moment.