Monday, 28 February 2011

February Round-Up

This month has been a hard slog. The weather, or should I say the wind, has been pretty brutal, making even the easiest ride hard going.

Due to this cold uninspiring weather, the first three weeks of the month all pretty much involved 5rides of 10miles.  However, last week, I let the nasty weather get the better of me and by Saturday morning I had still only been out on my bike once for a 15miler.  (Which was on Wednesday. It was a tough but enjoyable ride that involved meeting a new Donkey and lots of Llamas - or maybe they're Alpacas. ;-)  For those that know me, you'll know that I am a BIG fan of animals and that I have to talk to any I meet.  Also as long as the animal isn't a cat, it will get a tickle - I have nothing against cats, but they make me sneeze uncontrollably. So on Wednesday I was happy to plot a route that would take us past a field of Llamas and I wasn't disappointed. In fact I was more than happy, when said ride also involved finding a donkey and a second field of Llama's!)

Thankfully (as previously posted) I managed to do a 20 mile ride on Saturday and even more amazingly I followed this with another 15miler on Sunday.  It was tough though, after the nice weather on Saturday it had reverted back to cold, grey and with winds over 25mph, so my summer shoes and exposed ankles left me bitterly COLD. *Sigh* I think I will have to re-relegate my summer wardrobe back to the bottom of the drawer again and go back to full length tights and winter boots for a little longer.

Anyway, despite the nasty weather and the short month, I have somehow managed to meet my monthly goal of 200miles. Yay! If I can achieve this type of mileage in this cold weather, surely things can only get better. ;-)


Rocketdog said...

great to reach your goal of 200 miles, even with the awful weather we've had, keep it up!

KatieCake said...

Thank you. :-)
(And thanks for dropping by)