Monday, 3 January 2011

New Years Cycle-Shenanigans

For the first time since moving to Cornwall we actually had the chance to spend NYE with friends (instead of just the two of us) as we were visited by Simon and Nicky. It was good fun and obviously as they are both cyclists it involved some bike rides too.

The first ride was just a short pootle (approx 5miles) to the pub at tea-time on New Years Eve. I was reluctant to ride there as it would mess up my perfectly rounded off 2010 total and my legs were tired after pushing myself to meet said "perfect total", but I was outnumbered! It was a really cold evening and the wind was bitter but it was fun. Suprisingly, after taking the long way to the local pub we found it was shut. Hmm... Plan B! The next pub we tried was down a big hill, thankfully it was open so we stopped for a couple of drinks before heading up the hill and home for a celebratory meal and more drinks.

New Years Eve
Photo by simondbarnes

After a very late night we all woke up tired on New Years Day so we had a lazy morning before heading out on our bikes. The original plan had been to ride down to the beach, but when we checked the tide times we realised the tide would be in at our local beach so it would be a wasted effort as the beach is down a long draggy hill. So we opted to head into Marazion and take the coast path to Penzance - just so Simon and Nicky could get to feel like they were at the sea-side.  ;-)

Annoyingly, the coast path was busy. Grrrr... I don't know if it was because everyone walking down it was hungover but the majority were all very ignorant, making little - or no - effort to let us past or to keep their dogs under control. It was hideous! At one point I had to make an emergency stop as two dogs ran straight towards me. One actually bounded straight into my front wheel - if I hadn't been stationary there was no way I would have remained upright as it hit my wheel so hard my handlebars turned sharply. Unhurt and without even slowing down, the dog then continued straight into Simon's (who was still pedalling) path. Again, it hit his front wheel. God knows how he stayed on his bike. I was angered - the dogs owners didn't even manage to utter an apology,  they just looked at us as if we were inconveniencing them.

New Years Day
photo by simondbarnes

By the time we arrived in Penzance I had an awful headache - which before you ask, wasn't caused by alcohol (I don't drink) - but probably due to a lack of sleep and the frayed nerves of riding along a coast path full of imbeciles. Thankfully we managed to find a shop that was open and after a couple of paracetamol my headache started easing. That is until we got back on the coast path on our return journey.

We stopped off at the beach cafe on our way home for a cuppa and some chips, which was nice and then continued on our merry adventure.  We got back home with around 12.5miles under our belts. (Apart from Nicky who carried on for a couple of more miles.) I know its not the greatest mileage and I would have liked to have done some more, but I was pretty happy with it, after all, my legs were pretty empty anyway due to the hard effort to reach my total before NYE.

I have to say that despite my headache and "cycle-path rage" it was great riding with company, especially with such experienced cyclists. It has often worried me that stronger riders would get frustrated at riding at my slower pace, but it wasn't the case, everyone seemed content with my speed and most were happy with the short mileage. ;-)

On January the 2nd there was even more cycling. Thankfully it didn't involve any pedalling for me, I was just spectating.  It was the series finale of the South West Cyclo Cross league. Read my race report at

"Team VeloCake"
Post Race


Mullerton said...

oh Simon and me rocked. didn't we?

Simon said...

Yeah, we certainly rocked.

I love pootling along seafronts, happy to ride at anybody's pace (as long as it's not too fast!)

Thanks for an ace weekend, we'll have to do it again sometime :)