Monday, 31 January 2011

Knitting not Twitting (or Blogging)

Look who's knitting...
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So much for my new years resolution to blog more. I appear to have failed miserably as for most of January I have pretty much stayed away from the PC.

However, you'll be glad to hear that I haven't been sitting around doing nothing, in fact it's quite the opposite. As well as spending lots of time on my bicycle, I have also been teaching myself to Knit!

Since Father Christmas left me some knitting needles and a "How to Knit" book I have spent many an hour attempting to knit, instead of wasting time on the Internet.

I have now finally honed my new knitting skills, so stay posted for my first real knitting project (so far I've just been knitting "practice" squares).

Tomorrow I'm going to ride to the wool shop and buy some red, white and black wool and make a spiffy VeloCake themed scarf.

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Mullerton said...

i can't knit but i can type, what should i do?