Saturday, 15 January 2011

A good start

Just a quickie to say that I've raised my goal and I now hope that I can do 200miles a month. This goal isn't set in concrete yet though, as I have to remind myself that it is double my previous target so it may not  be very realistic.  So, this month I'm going to give it a try and if I can do it in this cold and wet month then theoretically I should be able to do it in any month. Watch this space!

Interestingly, it would appear that I have made a good start though, as today; half way through January, I reached the half way point - 100miles. Which I guess is pretty amazing really, as this time last year I had barely managed 50. Yay! :-)

Not really done any noteworthy rides since the festive period. One 20miler with Mikey - can't actually remember where we got to but I remember that by 16miles in I thought my legs were going to fall off.  Then there was a very dodgy night ride through dense fog.  I was terror-stricken for every second of it! My front light (which so so far has been wonderful) was unable to penetrate through the fog, so my visibility was nil - I probably hit every pot hole and skidded over every grid. The only positive I can take from it, was that it was an experience! There's also been two rides with my Mum. Since October I have refused to take her riding due her mystery illness (frequent fainting). I was petrified that if she collapsed on her bike there could be no end of problems.  However, she finally convinced me she felt ok so we've done a few slow local laps around the village. I was very nervous but thankfully she was ok.

Anyhow, stay posted for news on whether I achieve the next 100miles.


Simon said...

Good luck with your target, you've made a good start. I haven't been on a bike since the cross race on the 2nd!
Glad to hear your mum is back on a bike too.

John Berry said...

Good luck...December and January are the toughest months to get mileage in.