Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The big two oh!

Usually my weekly mileage consists of 4 rides of 10-12 miles per ride. Sounds pathetic, when I think about what many of you ride, but for me this is quite an achievement as these are pretty hilly miles. From leaving our front door - there is no time to warm up the legs - there are climbs in every direction and once out of the village the climbing continues. (I guess this is the downside of living just a tad higher than sea level!)

So I ride 10-12 hilly miles pretty comfortably.  Every so often I venture further afield to try and increase my mileage to 15 but sadly this always involves more climbing which zaps every last bit of energy, often leaving me battling to ride home. Anyway after a lack of riding last week, I decided to push myself that little bit further on Sunday and after mixing things up a little and taking different roads, I pushed myself to do 20 hilly miles.

I know I did more than this when completing the Audax, but this time things were a little different as my average mileage remained at 12mph and didn't involve any stopping to catch my breath half way up hills. In fact there was only one main stop on the 19th mile to say Hi to my Mum and 2 momentary stops to say Hi to some horses.

I bet if we lived somewhere a little flatter my mileage would be much better.  I can't wait till our trip up North at the end of the month as I look forward to some flatter riding! ;-)


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Yep,hilly miles definately take more out of ya than flatter miles,LOL! That's about where I live...not so much at sea-level,but from either direction (at least,the directions I feel safe enough to ride on road),it's hilly-up to the top,down the other side,turn,back up that side,back down this side to home.

Congrads on pushing yourself (safely) beyond you rnormal mileage! Now,take that warm 'n fuzzy feeling and store some of it for days you may not feel so strong,it will help-at least it does me =)

I'm hoping to get back on the bike as soon as tomorrow morning,sort-of...I haven't been up to riding for months now,but now that we're down to being a 1 car family again,I'm thinking (with a grin and a wink) that it might be easier on me old back to pedal to the school bus stop with the kids (them walking,I couldn't bring 3 bikes back home myself),which would only be 2 miles per day,but that sounds so much sweeter than the 0 miles-per-day I have been averaging ;) At any rate,I'll be posting on it if it's a go.

I'm proud of you,my friend. Not just for that one ride,but looking at your stats over the last year,you done did good,keep going =)


trio said...

Well Done! I love that feeling when you push yourself a bit further or harder than before!

You must be the only person who comes up north for some flat riding!