Friday, 8 October 2010

Another new bike

Yesterday saw the arrival of my new winter bike.

As regular readers know, since my rediscovery I quickly outgrew my trusty hybrid bicycle and at the beginning of the year I upgraded by buying Ted - a Yeti CycloCross bike - who is my pride and joy.  

However, Ted has no mudguard eyelets so he isn't really the most practical option for the winter months, plus after seeing the increased wear and tear of riding in bad conditions I've realised I have to put Ted into semi-hibernation.

Thankfully I kept the hybrid, knowing that I still needed a bike with all the winter necessities – lights, mud-guards, etc - but after recently riding it again (and struggling) it was apparent I'd completely outgrown him. It just felt wrong riding in the sit up and beg position after riding for months on drop bars.  As for the weight difference... oh my... I just knew that if I had to go back to riding him through the winter my motivation would falter.

So yet again, I needed a new bike, this time a winter bike!

Remember my judgementalism for mass produced bikes. Back in January, I couldn't bring myself to get an adequate (but in my eyes soul-less) bike - I had ridiculous standards. Well thankfully this time all that was put aside for this bike purchase, as after all, I already have my dream bike.

So, after much contemplation and with advice from Mikey, I finally decided on a Trek Lexa S, which arrived yesterday.

So let me introduce Paddy.

Peppermint Paddy


Mullerton said...

mmmm minty fresh.
nice choice of tyres btw

Simon said...

Woohoo, new bike. Good call changing the shifters :)

Mullerton said...

that was my idea. i couldn't let a bike in the house with sora on it. (apart from the front mech, that doesn't count does it)

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Mad,MAD PROPS!!! Paddy looks sa-weet,my friend! Should serve you really well,bet ya can't wait to get 'im dirty,huh? =) I'm glad you found a friend to weather the winter with,my friend!


Pedalling Polarcherry said...

hello :) I'm sorry to be cheeky but Paddy is what i've been looking at too. i'm struggling to find a decent bike for me cause im short 5'3 and trek fit nicely.

how much extra did it cost you to add the tiagra? I don't like the look of sora which is putting me off getting it. total beginner roady.....