Thursday, 30 September 2010

September Stats

September hasn't been the best for mileage but I have to consider that this month has been much busier than others.  Firstly, there was the continuing car crisis, then plumbing problems, followed by decorating dilemmas and even a traumatic trip to hospital; after my Mum was rushed off in an ambulance. (Don't panic! She's home now.)

Consequently, my total monthly mileage has suffered and it is considerably worse than the last few monthly totals, but at 190.8miles I cant be too down-hearted as it is still well over double that of this time last year.

So, I won't despair too much as at least I am still getting out there and riding when time permits and most of my rides have been good, if not a little wet and windy.

Frustratingly, that pesky ocean wind has picked up, making even the easiest of rides feel like hard work.  On Tuesday, after cancelling Mondays ride due to torrential rain, I decided to venture into Penzance despite another downpour. It was shockingly hard work! The wind was hurtling straight off the ocean in what seemed like every direction - as well as struggling into a headwind I was also being tossed from side to side and it was tough trying to keep upright. It was a painful ride but no sooner as I had reached Penzance I was pedalling homewards - it was too wet to stop, plus I didn't have any lights and the miserable grey sky was getting darker. Despite the change in direction the wind continued to be fierce and there was no respite. How could I still not have a tailwind?

Like most of the recent rides, by the time I got home I was soaked, covered in mud (and sand) and exhausted. Plus Ted was feeling a little worse for wear with a new creak and a wonky wheel. Oh *sigh* if only I had a winter bike. Ted deserves better than this!


Simon said...

I got off to a fantastic start to the month, sadly my screwed back soon put an end to that :(
Well done on riding nearly 130 miles further than last September :)

SS:Mtn Biker said...

Great job,my good friend! See,you're improving every time you tally up,be proud and revel in it =)

My totals for the last couple-few months is a big fat 0,but despite what I may have been thinking in my last post,I'm hoping to get a couple miles in this month ;)