Thursday, 21 January 2010

Two great rides and one gallant horse!

After 2 weeks of being unable to get outside on my bike, due to unbearable weather conditions, the sun finally decided to come out and the clouds and wind disappeared. So on Sunday, we decided to take advantage of the glorious weather and went for a ride.

After a few miles, I suddenly realised that cycling suddenly seemed to have become easy. I wasn’t at all uncomfortable or tired. I also noticed that my pedalling style was more fluid. It appeared to be the start of a significant transformation… from novice to … errr something a bit better. ;-) I’m not sure what has changed. I think it’s probably because I had fresh legs as hadn’t been on the bike for a few days. I guess it will also have something to do with the recent mundane “turbo” sessions. (This incidentally, has become significantly difficult recently; the more I have had to endure on it, the harder and slower it has become - I’ve been finding it difficult to keep my legs spinning to achieve my targets.)

By Sunday though, I only had 5miles to do to meet my weekly target, so there was no pressure to ride hard and I knew I could just enjoy being back outside. It was a great ride. My average speed had increased and as I said my legs were feeling great. We did 6 “easy” local miles (which is a few laps around the village) and then headed off to do a few more miles at a harder gradient. I got back home in high spirits with 10½ miles under my belt and a renewed determination.

So when Wednesday rolled around (Mullerton’s day off) and the weather was again fine, I was eager to get back out. Despite Mullerton having tired legs from his earlier ride with some of the VeloCake bunch, I dragged him out! We did a similar route to Sunday and again I loved it. It was nearly faultless – with the exception of the tough climb past a school which was surrounded by imbeciles. Despite it being an hour after school-closing it was bedlam. There were badly parked cars blocking the already narrow road, children and parents milling in the middle of the road, gloating about little “PeggyMays” gold star! There were car doors being thrown open causing even more hazards. Grrrrr…. Intriguingly though, I managed to climb that nasty hill in one go, despite never managing before – LOL - my temper does have its advantages!

(If only everyone could use this type of transport for the school run!)

Thankfully, after that ordeal, a local horse lifted my mood with his comical antics. The horse, who we regularly pass during rides, never fails to make me smile as it often “Whinnys” as we ride by. Due to its constant greetings, I affectionately named it Winnie and was delighted when a few months ago it responded when I called out “Hello Winnie” - by turning, looking straight at me and “Neighing.” We have since discovered though that Winnie is actually a male so he is now Winston – which probably accounts for his verbal outburst when I called him Winnie! ;-)

Anyway, I am rambling and making what should be short anecdote, very long. So yesterday during the ride we noticed that the first two time we passed him, Winston had his eyes firmly fixed on something over the hedge from his field! He was mesmerized by whatever was over there and uncharacteristically didn’t even turn to watch us ride by. I called “hello” but nothing – he was transfixed. We presumed that the grass was greener or something and continued on our merry way. It wasn’t until we were heading back and passing Winston for the final time that we caught a glimpse of what he was being drawn to. There it was - another horse in the neighbouring field! I giggled and joking called out “have you got yourself a girlfriend?” I was unprepared for his response…. I kid you not it a very gruff James Brown tone he gave a comical “Brraaaay” that told us in no uncertain terms that “Yes, this Philly is mine!” I nearly crashed my bike due to hysterical laughing…. Winston sure is one smooth stud!


VeloCake said...

Winston is so smooth. he gets all the mares

grant said...

"unbearable weather conditions"

Just wait a cotton picking minute... That brief flurry of snow?


KatieCake said...

Hey! Have you forgotten how close to the Atlantic we are? .... The ocean "breeze" is the unbearable weather I was talking about! ;-)