Saturday, 16 January 2010

In the bleak mid winter - Cornish Chaos

Apologies for my 1st post that isn’t really bike related – I have nothing of interest to say on the cycling front! So the only thing to talk about is the weather! I went to the hairdressers yesterday, so I am quite up-to-date on weather matters. ;-)

As I have said before the Cornish weather is generally milder than the rest of the UK and snow here is extremely rare. We had a slight flurry last year, which comically stopped the county in its tracks, so when much heavier snowy white stuff arrived last week pandemonium ensued. Most "locals" have never seen anything like this and unfortunately, the “it’ll never happen in Cornwall” attitude has left many really disconnected with the British climate. So when it happened there was absolute chaos!

(photo by Mullerton)

The county just isn't equipped for extreme weather conditions. The council are obviously unprepared – the grit supply is pretty much non-existent, the gritter trucks were nowhere to be seen and even when they did appear they only cleared the main roads - which, in such a rural county, doesn't really help the locals who are stranded in small villages and hamlets. *Sigh* ... If only we lived eslewhere in Europe, where the farmers and other locals help out by keeping the local minor roads clear. Basically the whole community ends up shut down, as many roads are impassable and most of the population do not know how to drive in snowy conditions anyway. To add to the choas, people irrationally start buying food essentials as if the world is in fear of a nuclear attack.

More irritatingly, the kids here have never seen snow before so they take great pleasure in the novelty of throwing snowballs. Not too bad, but they insist on throwing them at windows, seemingly unaware that glass will actually break. Even more irritatingly, the little yobs congregate and on-mass pelt anyone that passes by (on foot, on bike or in car) with large ice-balls from very close range; not realising the potential dangers as their victim is already dealing with treacherous conditions. Good god, and how dare anyone raise their voice to reprimand "little Johnny" and warn them of the dangers as the victim loses balance and slips towards a passing car…. It was “only a snowball, mister!” Little idiots! Bring back corporal punishment!

(No offense is meant to this innocent primate by comparing it to an idiotic human child)

The bad weather meant a couple of extra days off for Mullerton (as I said, the whole of the county stops in bad weather) but unfortunately healthcare workers don’t have that luxury. For some reason people who cancel appointments with their doctors - because they can’t get to the surgery, then expect the community healthcare staff to be able to get to them? Do we all fly in choppers or something? Dim-wits! At one point, I half expected to be doing my rounds on foot, or even by bicycle. Ahhh, what a charming image, a throwback to when community nursing staff rode between patients. Unfortunately, I had far too much stuff to carry and too many sharps to feel safe riding, so the bike was ruled out. :-( Was a shame really, as I felt the need to get out and ride. (I have spent the last few weeks completing my weekly mileage on the trainer…. I need some fresh air!)

OK thats my rant over. ROFL! I feel like one of those grumpy old women that used to shout at me when I was little for running down the alley laughing too loudly! Have I become less tolerant as I've grown older… or am I expecting too much from the Cornish, who are supposed to be notoriously laid back! Ahhh well, the snow has gone and the ice seems to be thawing. Hopefully normality will resume soon and I will be able to get back outside on my bike and drain some of this negative energy.


Red Bike said...

The little darlings had compacted the snow and poured water down the middle of my road to get their toboggan run as icy as possible. They'd even made jumps out of the speed humps half way down.

They'd done a very good job. It was very icy and very quick. I know because I tested it out for them. The first time I tried to ride down the road I ended up sliding down the road on my back with the bike ontop of me.

As normal I chicked out of the jump.

KatieCake said...

Ouch! :-0 Hope you didn't injure yourself at all (or your bike). If you're really (un)lucky, your test-run for them, may have even made it to you-tube and you will be famous!

Those crazy kids... their families must be soOOOo proud! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings! :-)