Saturday, 30 January 2010

A girl can dream.

As most of you know by now, I would really love a Yeti Cross Bike. It is my dream bike! They just look so ace and shiney and I have set my heart on owning one. They are bikes with a soul and as I don’t like soul-less bikes it seems like the perfect option. Some may say that, this statement may seem a little odd coming from a girl who owns a Specialized, but before you judge me, the Globe was the only bike that ticked all the right boxes without having to buy loadsa extras at an additional cost. I wanted a nice commuting hybrid with all the necessities – lights, mud-guards, kickstand, etc and the deal clincher was the fact that it doesn’t advertise the fact that it’s a Specialized. Which BTW is great as most “Scroats” and “Scallies” know about Spesh and aren’t that opposed to knocking slower riders, like myself, off of them and nicking them. It was perfect for when we lived in Stretford - as it meant I could ride to boho Chorlton for our organic veg or a Shandy at our fave pub.

The only thing is that, since my re-found love for cycling, I feel like I have in some ways out-grown him. I still need a utility bike for commuting or to pop up the hill to the local farm shop or even into town. But I desperately need a speedier lighter bike now, so I can continue to improve and achieve a higher mileage. (Not forgetting, I need a bike that I can use for my first ever Cross race.)

So, as I said before, the Yeti ARC X would be my ideal bike. It has a soul, looks great and would make me feel like a Princess. But the only downside is the price (even at trade). Am I being silly wanting a bike of that quality when I could get a half decent, mass produced model that would meet my needs at a more reasonable price? Mullerton says I should get an “off the rack” bike for now - One that I won’t form any attachments to, so that in a year if I am in a better paid job and still riding I can fulfil my Yeti dream.

The thing is can I do it? I don’t want to! I can’t bring myself to get an adequate (but in my eyes soul-less) bike. I have my standards – as ridiculous as they are for someone with my abilities. It’s not about me being vain either. I don’t want it to make me look good (a bike, no matter how pretty, can’t perform miracles). I just want it to feel good - I want the perfect bike for a perfect ride.

Unfortunately, it is an unrealistic dream, so for now I am in limbo. For now, my trusty Globe will have to continue to be my road bike. *Sigh!* That is unless anyone can give me any ideas for a new bike that wont cost the earth but still has some soul? (Either that or help me through my judgementalism for Mass produced bikes...!) ;-)


Simon said...

Don't listen to Mullertons, he is just trying to shatter your dreams because he is jealous. It will be too much for him to take seeing you speeding along on your lovely bike while he struggles along on his mass produced piece of Chinese made blandness :)

VeloCake said...

screw you mr smug pants! whats wrong with a trek? anyhoo i've got a new plan A, (treks a plan B) theres a beauty of a carbon Ridley with my name on it. can a cross bike have anymore roots than being Belge?

stuff it, buy the Yeti mon cheeri, i'll even put it on my credit card, you can pay me back. there can never be too many cool bikes in the storage garage.

Simon said...

> whats wrong with a trek?

Nothing at all. There's a Remedy sat in the shop waiting for me to give it a good thrashing (once I can be arsed to swap out the shit tyres on it!)

Can you buy me a bike on your credit card? I'll pay you back. Honest!

VeloCake said...

as long as i can always call you my little cupcake forever. and you pay me back!

Simon said...

Of course Mike!

grant said...

Does he have to pay you back with money or something else (while you call him your little cupcake)?

Red Bike said...

This post needs pictures of the Yeti ARC X

Go for that dream bike

KatieCake said...

ROFL. You guys are supposed to be talking me out of getting the dream bike, by saying an amatuer like myself doesn't need such a stunning piece of magnificent engineering.

Anyway, I have added a lovely picture for you all to admire. I was originally gonna add one, but couldn't dring myself to do it - as it just hurt too much - by showing me what I could have if I was on better money or had a richer boyfriend. ;-)