Sunday, 30 September 2012

In a slump - not the greatest of months...

This month has been another poor month for cycling as I only managed to muster up 80.12 miles. The start of the month was good as I had a lovely ride to Newlyn with Ali and Amy followed by one inspired by my hero Alberto Contador when he won the Vuelta.  =D

Since then though, I have practically stayed off the bike - apart from an occasional short 2-3 mile ride behind Mikey whilst he was running and the very odd ten milers to meet him from work.

I have basically lost motivation to ride now completely.  When I do I am literally forcing myself to do it and usually when I get home I haven't enjoyed it at all. 

There's just nothing left to inspire me;  I hate that I have overused all the local routes so they are becoming very tiresome.  I hate the fact that, if and when, I do try to go further afield, that I then have to contend with longer draggier hills.  I hate the fact that bloody tourists and end-to-enders keep stealing my Queen of the Mountains on Strava - and when I say stealing  I mean blowing my personal bests out of the water. I also hate the weather and that soddin' never-ending headwind.

So as you can see... I am currently in a slump. I want to ride my bike. I love riding my bike. But nothing is motivating me to get out there. Today I even pushed out 6miles on the turbo just so I got half an hour done on the bike and so I don't loose the legs and put on too much weight. 

In fact, if it wasn't for the running.... I would now be the size of a house again.

Please someone inspire me to get back out there.... failing that, I may just have to sell a bike and buy a nice shiny new one to encourage me to ride.


Pedalling Polarcherry said...

i know how you feel completely Katie. I'm going through a very similar stage myself.

My recommendations to you would be to ditch strava, go on holiday away from your local spot- i always find it more exciting being somewhere new... i like your new bike idea ;)

here's an extreme idea but maybe you should just listen to your heart and stop riding for a few months and get back on it in the new year? when you come back hopefully you'll have missed it and love it all over again?

good luck whatever you do x

Olskoolrodder said...

That going on holiday sounds lke good advice-get some new terra-firma underneath your tires :)

That said...sadly,I haven't ridden* since the first week of June =/

(*if you don't include the .5 mile per day round trip twice daily to the kid's school bus stop which is also where my mailbox is located-I don't count it,but I guess it's ridig :p)