Wednesday, 5 September 2012

August - A quick update

Its been a while since I blogged but that's because not much cycling has happened.  August was a rubbish month for my cycling!

I missed a couple of days whilst spending some time enjoying a trip to Bruge.... which was glorious and great fun.

A bike in Bruge
On our return, as usual the weather played its role in keeping me off the bike. It was either far too hot and muggy to ride, so I'd wait to go on an evening ride, but then get too engrossed in watching the Olympics. Then on every day off it would be absolutely bucketing it down with rain (and as I'd thrown my mudguards off in temper due to them rattling too much) so riding was postponed.

By the 19th of August I still hadn't ridden a bike..... Ooops!  On realising this I quickly grabbed my bike and did a 25miler.  Sadly, then the weather and a hideous week at work stopped me in my tracks again and only 2.5miles were ridden the following week, when we had a quick jaunt down to the beach when Ali and Amy arrived in Cornwall.

Thankfully their arrival injected some enthusiasm back and we did a fair bit of riding; a very WET ride to a cafe, a little jaunt out to christen Mikey's new Belgian jersey (his birthday pressie which finally made an appearance), and a ride to Mousehole, via Penzance where we had lunch in the park.

Anyway, by the end of the month I'd managed 6 rides.... and a grand total of 62.4miles.

Not the best of months for riding, but life and the weather really did get in the way. I can only hope that this month is better.


Trevor said...

I would agree with you....the weather has not been the best for riding the bike recently...still you did manage some time on the bike which has to be good.


Olskoolrodder said...

One can' thelp the weather,my friend-you did good to get the 62+ miles in methinks. You're doing mch better than I am...I have zerop miles in,zilch,nadda...since the first week of June,LOL! Granted I had t pack and move,and the new location isn't neary as conductive to riding as the old,but still none.

I've actually laid down riding for now-as in,I won't be doing any...kind-of like how some religious persons will fast something they love (most often food) for a specific time and reason. I have a specfic reason,not a time though :p