Sunday, 3 June 2012

May Round - up.

May hasn't been the greatest month for my bicycle mileage as my running has really taken its toll on my legs as they are in pretty much a permanent state of fatigue.  Also, as the running programme calls for three runs a week there isn't as much time to ride. (I tried running and riding on the same day but it was just a bit too much on my legs at this stage.) So long gone are the weeks where I ride 4-5 days a week.... 

But before you all scream for me to stop running I should add that running does have its advantages. I definitely have more strength and stamina (on the bike too) and there has been quite a noticeable effect on my body shape - as my thighs are hips are becoming less flabby. Yay!

Anyway, here are my ride stats for the month.  With only 7 rides under my belt for May I achieved 118.08 miles and an average speed of 11.6 mph. I am pretty happy with that as I did take over a week off the bike and this months wind has been pretty hellish.

As for the running count.... in May we did 13 runs. The majority of these were with my Mum but three were with Mikey who made me run a little faster (my Mum was away). We are still at the early stages of the Couch to 5k programme, but we have moved successfully onto the 3rd stage, which involves 90secs and 3mins intervals.  Our running so far has covered 34.32 miles, but I guess only a third of this would probably be actual running miles. Hopefully as we progress through the programme the walking will get less and less.

In other news May saw the wonderful arrival of a new pair of pink lenses for my Radars which are pretty awesome and a few days ago Mikey purchased a Garmin Forerunner, which I can use for my Running - which seems much more accurate than the Edge. :-)


Trevor said...

I do admire you for the running....
Running has never been something that I have ever been any good at - cycling seems to suit me better being a non-weight bearing form of exercise.
Keep it up....but don't give up the cycling..


simondbarnes said...

Couch - 5k assumes that you can already run for 1 minute! I'd die if I tried that.

Marsha said...

Got a BIG smile when I saw the running/body shape comment. I can't help but agree: that is a GREAT argument for running! (But keep cycling, too. Does wonders long range for the butt!!)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry too much about cycling dropping off (gasp.....did I just say that? :p ) so long as you're running-you're still getting a good workout and doing yourself good,both short and long term,IMHO. May sounds like a good month see it from that angle,doesn't it,my friend? :)

The Disabled Cyclist

Jez Andrews said...

Hi, It's always good to find local Blogs on cycling. I've added you to my recently made UK Cycling Blog listing which you can see on the link:

Keep up the great blog.


Jez Andrews said...

Thanks for following back. Hope to here more from you soon!


Jez Andrews said...

That should be 'hear'!!! Just realised you are also co author of velocake which I have also followed and when I have less of a life will add to my list. Erm and because its a guilty pleasure I've followed your lego one to because it made me laugh!!
Hey, I had to have children to find my excuse to play with it!