Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pedalling with Polarcherry

Its been a while since I posted but I'm happy to report that things have been going OK. I have been cycling, but not as much as I'd like, but that's mainly due to the fact that I am still enjoying running so there are less days to get a ride in but mainly my legs are well and truly feeling fatigued.

At the start of the month, I only managed a couple of short rides and they were pretty painful on the old thighs. My thighs have never really been much of a problem on the bike - except for on the steepest hills - so I know that it was just probably because I was working new muscles - muscles which have never been used before.

The following week was a great week. Starting with a meet of my old blogger friend Adele who was visiting Cornwall with her husband Rik. We met them at a local village to ours (about 3 miles away), but unfortunately the meeting point was at the top of a steep hill. It is only 0.3miles long but has on average grade of 7.7%.  I was slow up it as I didn't want to be completely dead when we met at the top, but it was still soddin' hard. (Amazingly after getting home I found that I had actually achieved a Strava Queen of The Mountains).

After quick introductions we set off on our adventure. The first few roads were OK as they are my local roads and I know them well, but then we headed over towards St Ives. I also know these roads. The last (and only other) time I'd ridden them  was 2 years ago when I did the Audax.  Back then I suffered badly so as I was riding all I could think off was about how last time I had struggled.  I kinda out-psyched myself at times, but as we were with two new friends it offered a nice distraction.  That is until we got on the up-and-down-and-relentless Coast road.  Now I was shattered and the brutal head winds weren't helping. Thankfully despite me having to stop on a number of occasions we finally got to a pub for a drink and some chips. Mmm!

It was then time to get back on the bikes. With a change of direction, the wind was now with us and with Rik heading up the chain gang we all enjoyed a fast ride back in his slipstream.

The ride back was great fun, apart from a sudden cramp in my right quad. Ouch! I've never had such a bad cramp whilst riding. I actually had to get off and walk for a while. Which comically, when I got home I found again, despite my walking I had got a Queen of the Mountain.  Being one of the only few female riders in Cornwall can be quite useful. ;)

When we were back to their car, Adele offered us a lift home and despite the lingering cramp pains and complete fatigue I declined. I think everyone was quite surprised by this refusal but I just wanted to make this the longest ride of the year... with just three more miles I would make it to 30miles. It was stupid I know, but my stubbornness kicked in. I had to do it!

That week I actually managed to reach that long neglected 50mile weekly total but I started to pay for it as my legs are feeling the strain. So much so, that this week I have given myself a week off the bike. I am still running though. We are on Run 15 now. There is a definite improvement in my running ability and stamina and even the shape of my legs but I just needed a little respite. So the bikes have been having a little rest. Not for too long though!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear all has been well,my friend-I'd only this week noticed/been thinking "Hey,nothing new from KC lately,wonder how they're doing",so good vibes and prayers were sent across the pond to y'all (didn't want to be intrusive and send an unexpected email,so that was my best to send :)

I'mglad to hear you're doing well with he running,and that you got some miels pedaled as well :) Meeting new friends for a ride and lunch is ALWAYS ace :D

The DC

Marsha said...

Your comment (Being one of the only few female riders in Cornwall can be quite useful.) gave me a big smile! I've found that useful myself at times!

Jess said...

I wonder if you cramped because you were dehydrated? I've found that as the weather warms up, even on my rides to work, which aren't very long, if I don't take a few good drinks along the way, my legs will be cramping by the end of it.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Awesome to meet and ride with you Katie x