Sunday, 22 August 2010

Still riding.

There has been a lack of posts on here recently; mainly due to just getting on and riding at every opportunity.  Most of the rides have been uneventful and a hard slog though heavy rain and gale force winds. I guess there goes the summer! :-( Gonna have to think about investing in some waterproof cycling shoes earlier than expected.

Thankfully, despite a busier than usual schedule, I have still been doing a fair mileage and apart from Teds tyres starting to wear down, he still rides like a dream.  Gary (my CinderCone) has also taken me on a number of adventures down the local singletrack. I was horrified to discover though (after a friend pointed it out) he lacked a VeloCake sticker.

In other news, after hinting at Mikey for weeks, I finally own a pair of polka dot socks, so now Super Ted and Spotty are together again. ;-)


Simon said...

Yay for lots of riding, you've done more than me so far this month :)

John Berry said...

Ooooo horrified...I couldn't bring myself to put stickers on my bikes....

Don't worry the summer will be back when all of the tourists go home :-)