Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A belated blog about Mullertons Birthday Rides

The start of the month was Mikey's birthday which obviously involved a number bike rides.  The evening before his birthday involved a short but sweet ride to the beach (a mere mile and a half each way) for a pre-birthday game of boules and Frisbee. With a couple of bottles of beer in the pannier we then picked up a Chinese on the way and munched it whilst sitting on the surprisingly quiet sand. It was Ted's (the Cross Bike) first trip to the beach, so whilst there I decided to have a go at a moving dismount (in preparation for my CX debut).  I failed miserably and after a few unsuccessful attempts and hard bashes to my legs, I bottled it.  Was a great night though. Loved the boules (I won). On our way home, we stopped at a pub for a quick drink.

Talking of pubs, at some point at the around that time, there was also a short ride one evening to another local pub.  It was a wet evening though so out came Basil (my Hybrid) with his useful dynamo lights and mudguards and out came the Hi-Vis jacket. The journey was, again, only about a mile away, but on those cold wet unlit country lanes we didn't want to take any chances. It was real odd riding the hybrid again - he is a real sit up and beg bike and the position felt so peculiar.  I woulda been right at home in the Netherlands. =D

The birthday ride itself was also nice. A 15miler road ride along the local lanes, taking a carrot for my fave donkey.  Then a pit stop at a beach cafe for an ice cream.

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Simon said...

Happy Birthday Mikey!