Tuesday, 1 January 2013

December Round Up.

As ever.... I am a little late with this blog post... but after such an abysmal November things perked up slightly in December.

Last month I set myself a little challenge of forgetting about the miles and just trying to do 5 x 30mins of exercise a week.

For the first two weeks I did this.... mainly by running and doing a few 30min sessions on the turbo, but then Christmas and a busy time at work kinda got in the way and only three sessions a week were managed. Still at least I did something. =D

Here are the not-so-fabulous stats...

5 x 30 min turbo sessions and 2 short and very windy road rides covering 48.45 miles

12 running activities(including one very tedious half hour running on the spot) covering 31.96 miles

Not the greatest of mileage totals.... but hey I am actually getting out there again.

Here's to a great 2013 to everyone. x

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trio said...

You ran on the spot for half an hour????