Sunday, 2 December 2012

A new goal following a pathetic November

Thank you all for the positive thoughts at the start of he month. It is really was nice to have your support and encouragement.

Sadly though, my knees and the weather have continued hindering my mileage.  In fact, last month I actually had three weeks with no running and very little cycling.  For the first couple of weeks in November I only managed to muster up one short ride per week.  Nothing amazing - a 10 mile gentle pootle with Mother the first week and a 11 mile turbo session the following week, as the weather was just too plain miserable to go out. 

The next week I didn't manage a ride at all.  Life just got in the way, what with the VeloCake Cyclocross Race taking up my weekend.  Sadly, no, due to commitments of having to work that event I didn't enter it myself - and by the time I had finished my duties at the registration (giving race licences back etc) - the course had been dismantled and everyone was waiting to lock the gates.  Ah well, it really was a fab event - even if I didn't get to take Ted out for a play.

The following week was a good week (not for my mileage) but just in general.  It was my birthday!  Surely the annual birthday ride to the beach would get me back in the saddle. LOL.  Nope the weather was nasty torrential rain and gale force winds... there was no way I was setting foot outside in that.  Instead we had a jolly nice day at home, playing with all my new goodies (A Kindle, a new mobile phone and Lego - of course).

After practically a month off the bike and with very little mileage under my belt over the last few months I have definitely started to pile on the pounds and feel very sluggish indeed.  In fact on the second (and last) run of the month... I only managed to do 1k before my lungs got the better of me.  The icy wind instantly affected them (due to my asthma).... but I guess my general unfitness also played its part and I had to walk home, leaving my Mum literally running in circles around me.

Anyway, now I feel I have hit the bottom - pretty hard!  I don't want to fall back into being overweight and unfit... as until recently I had kept my Asthma well and truly at bay for the last few years.  But the fact that I even had an asthma attack at work suggests my lungs are pretty weak again. :(

So, I really must do something about it.  I can't diet.  I like food far too much for that (Plus December is a stupid month to try and attempt to give up naughty food) so I need to get my exercise regime back on track. 

So, instead on getting hung up on targets and mileage I am just going to set myself a little goal - making sure I do at least half an hour exercise 5times a week - whether this is 30 mins on the trainer or a gentle run.  As I have not met my mileage target for a while... I will not get hung up on doing the miles anymore - or letting them get me down when I continuously miss them.  As Marsha said last month, No matter how short the ride, I will feel better after it than before I did it. 

So watch this space.... I feel like I have some of my motivation back (finally) and now that I have put pen to paper and told you guys about it I really should get it done.  It's not an unrealistic target .... but it may just keep me going through the winter months, so come Spring I will be feeling fitter and ready to get back in the saddle for some longer rides.


Marsha said...

Atta girl...

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