Sunday, 20 November 2011


Well, after the super start to November things started to decline, including my knees but more significantly the weather. The wind has been torturous and icy cold, making cycling extremely uncomfortable. When the cold wind hits my lungs they shrink to the size of peas (Possibly an exaggeration. ;) ) which in turn leaves me short on oxygen to send to my legs.

More annoyingly though, the cold icy wind has resulted in me having a number of mild asthma attacks -
which have been the first, since the first few months of my rediscovery. Panic not, they haven't been anything serious, in fact if I had an in date inhaler, they would have been controlled within seconds, but as it was they took a while to get under control.  (Before you ask, why I don't have an inhaler; my surgery wont give me a new  one as I haven't ordered any in over 12mths, so they say I have to see a doctor first; they won't just give me a repeat prescription. But as the stubborn fool I am, I argue that I'm not ill so why should I waste a valuable appointment with the doctor!)

Anyway, that's beside the point... I just wanted to let you all know how darn lazy I have been. I blame the weather. It is far from inviting.  I got to the point where I decided to lower my weekly mileage back to 25, which until this week I managed - after kicking myself into gear and hurling myself out the door.

However this week, I couldn't even muster up any motivation to do a single sausage.

That was until today, when I rode a mere 12 (ish) miles. Today's ride was excellent fun... but that's a completely different story.

Which involves a tandem! ... Blog to follow at some point in the next few days after more tandem fun tomorrow.

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SS:Mntbiker\Olskoolrodder said...

Tandems are cool! You can't control the weather,my friend,and it will take time to aclimate to it,don't beat yourself up,as doing that saps desire sometimes :)