Sunday, 21 August 2011

Defeating the fear demon

This week has been a pretty good week.

Firstly, and most importantly, on Friday I took the bull by the horns and rode into Penzance via the nasty pasty roundabout that a few weeks ago saw me ploughing into the side of a coach.

I didn't plan on going that way, I had decided that I would take the first exit when I got to the roundabout; avoiding crossing it and taking the long way round to get to my destination. However, as I got nearer my inner geek had other ideas. (Back in the day, I was a huge Buffy fan and one of the episodes dialogue kept going through my head, "Don't taunt the fear demon!" ... "Why? Will it kill me?" ... "No. It's tacky." .... OK, I'm going to presume that you aren't all Buffy geeks and explain that despite all the huge and nasty fears that manifested themselves ... the fear demon himself was actually just a tiny wee little thing that was finally defeated by being stamped on.) So basically, I convinced myself that the fear of doing it was actually probably worse than doing it.

So, to cut a very long story short (and to prevent you all realising how geeky I really am) I did it! I was still really nervous but thankfully made it over the roundabout in one piece. I was so happy.  It was a big achievement; especially as I did it without anyone by my side for encouragement. I'm not usually that brave! The following day I did it again - I knew I just couldn't let the incident hinder all the work I've done so far - and this time it was just a little less nerve wracking.

In other happy news today I had one of the nicest ice cream cones I've ever had. Mmmm... it was devine. (See my latest VeloCake blog post for full details).

And finally to top off such a good week, my weekly total was 60miles - 10miles more than my target!


Ben said...

Very brave of you!

jillian said...

"Oh, he's so cute! Who's a wittle fear demon?" Great episode!

Thanks for the inspiration! I'm getting back into riding bicycles and have a huge fear of traffic (even as a pedestrian), so this is especially relevant to me right now. I've been investigating Buddhist writings on fear, but I think I'll have to watch some Buffy dvds instead!

KatieCake said...

Thank you both for your comments. It's nice of you to drop by.

@jillian I hope that you overcome your fear. It will prob take time, like it is doing with me, but the more we do it successfully, the more our convidence will come.

I'm still struggling every time I get to that roundabout, but each time I get across it safely, my confidence grows.

Good luck! =D