Tuesday, 5 July 2011

June round up - a bad month

June was a bit of a rubbish month. I was feeling pretty stale.  I was just riding to reach my weekly mileage but not really enjoying the rides. The weather was pretty inspirational - far too much wind.  The disappearance of cyclogs also left me un-motivated - it went down at the end of May and I hadn't been keeping my paper chart up to date so I lost all my May stats.  As well as the lack of mojo, life also seemed to get in the way of cycling; meaning I took a week off the bike.

After the week off, I got back on track, but soon started feeling stale again. Without cyclogs to log my progress and check my average speed or set myself targets to meet - witting myself against unsuspecting other users. ;-)  etc I was still unmotivated.

Anyway by the end of the month, I had managed to complete 173.7 miles. I guess really it was an OK month as, with the exception of my week off, I always achieved 50+ miles but when I compare the stats to June 2010, I was well off par. Grrr... what can I do to get my motivation back? A new bike? Or a move to somewhere inland with less wind? Or shall I just get over it and go ride more? Hehehe as much as I'd like to go with option one, I guess I will settle for Option 3.

BTW All miles were done on Paddy the road bike - there were no off-road miles, no cyclocross miles. The longest ride was 31.3miles, the shortest was 6.  


nunuboogie said...

oooh yes a new bike would surely do it ;-)

KatieCake said...

Hehehe. Indeed it would. But if I got a new bike, then I wouldn't be able to stop 'himself' from getting one too and then we'd have to eat the cardboard bike boxes for the rest of the year. :p